In today’s fast-paced world, one cannot underestimate the advantages of having good food and beverages to keep diseases at bay. Yes! Maintaining healthy habits, eating a balanced diet, regular exercising and staying hydrated can help you stay energetic and achieve all your dreams and desires. You can always resort to pure and organic fruits, vegetables or meat to prepare healthy and nutritious food. But finding the healthiest drinks is not easy, especially with thousands of choices at hand. Here comes the importance of Zamzam water, a source of spectacular health benefits. 

Derived from the holy well in Mecca, this water is a life-saving gift for the Saudi Arabian people, foreign residents and millions of pilgrims visiting the country for Hajj. Besides, it is one of the best medicines to keep you healthy and fit. Researches show that the Zamzam water is highly sterile and free of harmful contaminants and disease-causing pathogens. Further, it has uricosuric and hypolipidemic properties and produces tissue-protective effects, making it one of the most healthiest drinks

Miracle Water of the Zamzam Well: Historical Background!

The Zamzam water has great historical and spiritual significance and is considered revered, unique and miraculous by the Muslims. According to the learned Islamic scholar Ibn ‘Abbas, Allah ordered Prophet Ibrahim to send his wife Hajar and son Ismail to an arid valley (now Mecca). The prophet provided them with some dates and water to sustain their life. 

But when they ran out of food and water in the barren land, young Ismail could not bear it anymore and started kicking the ground. To their surprise, water started flowing from beneath, helping them satisfy their thirst. Since then, the Zamzam water has become popular amongst Muslims as the miracle water.

The Blessed Zamzam Water: Benefits of consuming it!

Every fitness enthusiast and health-conscious person wants to know what’s the healthiest drink in the world. The answer is simple: Zamzam water. Here are the reasons why one must consume the same: 

  • Enhances Metabolism: The holy water of the Zamzam well is a vital source of nourishment for your body and strengthens human cells. Besides, it contains a high level of magnesium that reduces fatigue and depression. It also enhances your metabolism rate and platelet count.
  • No Bacteria: Proved to be the purest form of water on the planet, the Zamzam water is devoid of impurities like bacteria, germs or biological contaminants like algae. It has high bicarbonate levels and is the best choice to consider if you opt for good healthy drinks.
  • Healthy Bones: The Zamzam water is rich in calcium and fluoride. Fluoride is known for balancing the calcium level in the human body. That is why drinking the water will make your teeth and bones strong and healthy.
  • Cures diseases: The Zamzam water has miraculous healing properties. Research has proved it works wonders in preventing diseases like diabetes, nephrogenic issues and congenital cataracts. Further, the water stimulates the reproductive system and has strong anti-inflammatory properties that cure cancer. 


Zamazam Well in Mecca is a never-ending source of the blessed water. The followers of Islam use it to cleanse themselves. It nourishes the countless pilgrims coming to the holy place and satiates their thirst. Indeed the sacred water is a perfect combination of nutrition, minerals and spiritual benefits that purifies your mind, body and soul.