You’ve heard of the Dragonvale and its variations in dragons. It’s been the top choice of players from countries like those of the United States. However Umbra Dragon is a popular choice. Umbra Dragon is one of the most sought-after due to its distinctive appearance in different types of dragons.

This chapter is concerning Umbra Dragon Dragonvale and will help you understand the information you need about the game. This is the reason why people love it so much. It also comes with an element that will make you stunned. We will discuss the details of it and discover the most essential areas of this.

Dragonvale Find the information

Dragonvale is a game in video format which is an instructor for parks that was created in collaboration with Backflip studio. It’s a breeding simulation game where the player built the island and the park themselves. It has a large number of players, with all the dragon elements. Umbra Dragon Dragonvale Umbra Dragon Dragonvale Umbra Dragon Dragonvale HTML2has 10 basic elements which are: Earth, Plant Light, Fire, Water air, cold Metal, Lightning, and Dark.

Dragonvale includes legendary dragons: Sun, Moon, Rainbow, Treasure, Olympus, Gemstone, Dream, Seasonal, Apocalypse, Chrysalis, Ornamental and many more.

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Umbra Dragon

It’s got a distinctive appearance, which is a dark look that offers the user an enjoyable experience. It’s no less impressive than the flame, which shows an unidentified figure stepping through the mirror. The points that convey the details regarding Umbra Dragon Dragonvale HTML1are 

  • Levels Available- 18
  • Breeding Time- 30-24 H
  • Incubation Time- 30 H
  • Habitats- Hidden
  • Rift Traits- Available
  • Possible Breeding- Many Available


The Umbra Dragon can be acquired by any of the 10 tent variations offered, which are located in parks and other locations that are designed to serve. It also assists players to participate with Scout Dragon. Into it. What diamonds cost 100 dollars?

Breeding –

Umbra Dargon Umbra Dargon used only two umbra dragons within the Rift Breeding Cave for Bred. The Umbra Dragon can only be crossed within the breeding rift. This is the only method to breed this dragon. Umbra Dragon Dragonvale.

Its Umbra Dragon was released on 22 October 2021. However, it was removed on the 1st of November. This is why the player is being assaulted by it.

Dragonvale Dragonvale contains a variety of dragons each with its own characteristics and uses.

Final Verdict

In this report we’ve seen that the brand new Dragon Dragonvale has been a hugely popular game in one day. It has sparked excitement among players due to its distinctive shadowy look. Umbra Dragon will be available until 1 Nov. Umbra Dragon will remain available until 1 November.