ULIP stands for the unit-linked insurance plan. A ULIP is a mixture of terms for insurance as well as benefits. Under this plan, the policyholder can make their premium payment annually or monthly. In addition, some portion of the premium amount of the ulip insurance is provided along with the coverage for the life insurance and the remaining invested sum amount.

Further, you will learn about the key features of the ULIP insurance plan that you can also consider as the benefits made by the ULIP to their policyholders who buy this policy.

Additionally, it is suggested to choose the investment based on your needs along with your risk appetite. 

The key takeaway of the ULIP

  • Under this plan, the investments are subjected to the risks that are associated with the capital market
  • The insured person bears the investment at risk on the investment portfolio
  • Another factor to consider is that the policyholder ensures the future needs of the invested funds. Moreover, the ULIP is much more transparent. That consists of the charges for the allocation charges and funds management charges, that seen as the upfront
  • ULIP plan permits the investors to switch their investments from the debt ULIP to equity ULIP charges and vice versa, without running from the post to the pillar and any worries about making changes in it
  • ULIP plans are considered the ULIP offerings that the Life insurance corporation follows. It has multiple features to ensure the maximum return and benefits from comprehensive insurance protection for investors. 

Investing in the ULIP plans

The conventional avenues for investment, such as savings accounts and fixed deposits, cannot offer returns that can fight rapid inflation. On the other hand, the investment activities directly into the share markets are laid with high risks. This is the reason why there is the need to invest in the best investment scheme, named the Unit linked insurance plans. ULIP is the best investment scheme that can help you access the share market’s benefits with doubling space or hefty risks. This policy comes into the category of a life insurance policy. 

How does the mera wealth policy work?

Mera’s wealth plan works similar to the other investment policies. You have to first decide the amount of money that you want to invest or pay for the wealth plan. Then you have to choose the premium for the lump sum amount. The plan has divided into three options, premium waver, investment options, and the Golden year benefits. The main factors of the wealth plan determine the coverage amount under the plan and the amount paid for the investment in the 10 funds according to your choice.


In this article, you get information about the ULIP plan along with its key factors. From the key factors of the ULIP, you easily understand the meaning and working of the ULIP for the financial goals. 

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