Podcasts are a great way to “sit in” on exciting conversations. You can choose exactly which podcast or discussion you want to listen to, choosing topics you care about or are interested in. It’s for this very reason that the popularity of podcasts is increasing at a tremendous rate. Keep an eye out for one to be used as your go-to recommended podcast in 2022 whenever your friends ask!  

Getting Things Done  

David Allen, the Getting Things Done (GTD) productivity approach developer, hosts the Getting Things Done podcast. Allen invites various intriguing people to share how they apply the GTD approach. With over 100 episodes, this podcast is a quick listen that can boost your productivity. You may notice this influence not only at work but also in your personal life.  

The Tim Ferriss Show  

The Tim Ferriss Show frequently ranks first among business podcasts on Apple Podcasts, with over 700 million downloads. Hugh Jackman, Dr. Jane Goodall, and LeBron James have all appeared in the show’s episodes. Tim Ferriss, the show’s host, encourages his guests to discuss their productive attitudes and habits and how listeners might apply these strategies to their own lives.  

The Accidental Creative  

Let’s imagine your employment isn’t exactly inspiring you to be creative. If your imagination isn’t helping you be more productive, The Accidental Creative may be able to assist.   

This weekly podcast, which usually lasts no more than 30 minutes, provides listeners with concise yet compelling recommendations from prominent voices in various creative professions. There’s a reason why listeners have downloaded The Accidental Creative over 10 million times since 2005. The podcast topic list contains something for everyone, from techniques to ignite creativity to marketing strategies.  

The Productivityist Podcast  

According to presenter Mark Vardy, this podcast is for “productivity fanatics.” The Productivityist Podcast is a weekly podcast dedicated to helping you get the most out of your workdays. Every Wednesday, a new episode is published; however, there are over 200 episodes to tide you over until the following week. Recent episodes have included conversations about reading, “life profitability,” and other topics.  

The 5 am Miracle  

Jeff Sanders, presenter of the 5 am Miracle, understands how difficult it is to get out of bed at daylight. However, his program explains the advantages of getting a head start on the day to its listeners. With The 5 am Miracle, he hopes to “help you spring out of bed with zest.”   

The 5 am Miracle has been downloaded over 10 million times, as team leaders of all shades appear to enjoy the added inspiration. Recent topics have included: 

  • Building healthy habits. 
  • The prospect of a four-day workweek. 
  • A variety of other issues.   

Eat Sleep Work Repeat  

Does the podcast’s title cycle pique your interest? Intimidating? Is that correct? Whatever the case may be, Eat Sleep Work Repeat can help you see your job as less unpleasant and more enjoyable. Former Twitter vice president Bruce Daisley, the show’s host, frequently invites guests who are workplace leaders and specialists in psychology and neuroscience. They usually give helpful information and science-backed tips on how listeners might enhance their job perspective.  

The Upgrade  

The Upgrade will teach you how to be happier one week and deal with burnout at work the next. There’s a lot to choose from! It’s all about assisting you to advance to the next level and become a better version of yourself through self-improvement productivity practices. Name an issue, whether corporate or personal, and The Upgrade has most likely covered it in one of its more than 300 episodes.  

Beyond The To-Do List  

Erik Fisher, the Beyond the To-Do List podcast presenter, invites professionals to explain how to adopt productivity tactics. This podcast, which has over 400 episodes, provides a plethora of productivity tips. Recent episodes have covered topics such as the connection between happiness and productivity, effectively stopping your work, and much more.  

Love Your Work  

The Love Your Work podcast, hosted by the speaker and bestselling author David Kadavy, shows you how to combine creativity and productivity. This bi-monthly podcast is intended to assist you in discovering areas of unexplored creativity in your life. It’s about more than just being exposed to your own creative wellsprings. You’ll also learn how to properly utilize those skills and generate your finest work.  


Experts from various professions provide their top suggestions for managers looking to maximize productivity on Fellow’s podcast Supermanagers. Top executives from organizations like Shopify, Zoom, Microsoft, and Mastercard will get insights.   

Episodes of Supermanagers have explored a variety of issues, including how to lead under pressure, provide constructive feedback, inspire creativity, and more. The program that powers Supermanagers is a fantastic tool for increasing manager productivity.  

Back To Work  

During Back to Work’s incredibly relaxed, humorous episodes, you’ll almost forget you’re learning something. Back to Work hosts Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin enjoy a good productivity discussion: The list continues on and on about communication, goal-setting, and problem-solving. Mann, Benjamin, and their guests bring real-life examples and comedy to every topic. Here’s a recent episode title to give you a sense of the podcast’s snarky tone: “The Results of This Dog.”  

Podcasts are a great way to make dull or repetitive tasks exponentially better! With these podcasts, not only are you going to have fun listening to them, you might even become more productive.