Australia has some of the best music festivals on the planet because of their unique cultural influences, talented local musicians and amazing performers, and incredible atmosphere. Over 20 million creative people are living in Australia- there is a good chance that you’ll bump into one or two at any given time.

These 10 amazing facts about an Australian music festival will blow your mind. Once you attend your first one, you might never be able to go back to any others! Do yourself a favor and come to Australia this summer and experience one of the best music festivals in the world!

The Gorgeous Landscapes

Festival grounds are alive with color and culture, each one having its magic. There’s nothing like being immersed in such natural beauty with your friends, who share the same love for music that you do. 

Every inch of the landscape is beautifully crafted by Mother Nature herself and many artists who use their skills to make the festival goers feel special. With so much to offer, it’s hard not to find something that speaks to you.

The Soaring Night Skies

Throughout the night sky, you’ll be amazed by thousands of constellations visible with minimal light interference. Even the Milky Way will look like a thick ribbon across the blackness of the night. If you want to take it to the next level, consider booking a tour with Stargazing Adventures. 

These are small groups led by accredited astronomers who love sharing their knowledge and passion for astronomy. Not only will they show you stars but they’ll also give you some fascinating facts about different galaxies and star types too!

Massive Crowds of Positive, Happy People

When you enter a festival, it’s not just your own experience—it’s shared with the tens of thousands of people around you. You’re one individual among the masses, everyone working together to create an atmosphere of peace and positivity that makes these experiences some of the best times in life. What are you going to do when everyone has their arms in the air? Make sure yours are, too!

Unmatched Hospitality

A common misconception about Australians is that they are not hospitable or very welcoming. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. You will find Aussies to be some of the most friendly, inviting, and inclusive people you’ll ever meet. 

Make sure to ask people how their day was, chat them up, and spend time getting to know people on a personal level in your tent camping spot. It is almost guaranteed you will make lifelong friendships this way!

Fun and Exciting Stage Shows

Throughout the festival, you will experience a variety of engaging activities. If you love dressing up, people-watching, and interactive music experiences, then stage shows are a perfect way to spend your day at the festival. Dance groups, crazy outfits, and musical accompaniment combined with otherworldly vibes are what makes these shows so memorable. 

The Amazing Camping Experience

No one will know who you are and what are up to, they’ll see you as just another attendee. The first thing that will happen when you walk onto the camping grounds is you’ll get a map of the campsite so you can find your way around easily. 

When it comes time to pitch your tent, everyone pitches in and assists each other, offering whatever advice or assistance they can with no expectation of any reward. This goes on for a few hours until finally we were all set up and ready to hang out and make some new friends in our brand new surroundings!

Captivating Performances From International Artists

Australia’s diverse music scene and epic party vibe is the perfect place for us to present you with a list of top performers. There’s no wonder Australia has been attracting heaps of tourists for years, with its native and internationally renowned artists performing here in various festivals, concerts, and other events. From Justin Timberlake to Mac Miller, Metallica to Green Day, Foo Fighters to Snoop Dogg – the gigs will have your head spinning! 

Australia Has The Best Souvenirs Ever!

Traditionally, the souvenir or token from a music festival is a T-shirt. But in Australia, you will find all sorts of other amazing things at their markets that you might have never seen before! You’ll be able to get local crafts, stones, unusual plants, and animals. Some of them you can take home with you as souvenirs or turn into gifts for friends back home!

Dancing All Night Long Under the Stars Without Worrying About Rain or Heat Wave

Dancing all night long under the stars without worrying about rain or heat waves? The Aussie music festival experience is unlike any other. With each event, campers have the option to experience incredible dance floor sets, delicious eats, and much more while living in a one-of-a-kind campsite setting. Even better – there’s plenty of free parking and the price of camping varies depending on when you buy your ticket!

There’s Always Something to Do at Daytime

No matter what time of day, there is always something to do. Check out a featured artist, visit the Expo Hall to learn about new technologies, or find ways to make your next festival even better. Food is also abundant, with fare ranging from vegetarian options to something a little more indulgent. 

Aussies love the arts and festival-goers can be found taking in some live music most any time of day. But it’s not all about the daytime at these events: nighttime brings out some of the best shows on Earth, featuring incredible light production and awe-inspiring pyrotechnics that set the night sky ablaze with colors so vivid they look unreal.


This guide has brought you through many of the things you should know before attending an Australian music festival. Whether you have never been to a music festival before or if you are a seasoned veteran, this list should have given you something new to think about. We hope that it helps to provide more depth and knowledge on what to expect when going to one of these festivals.