Mother’s Day is a time to show your appreciation for your mom, and all she does for you in your life. A big part of showing appreciation is giving a thoughtful gift to your mom. This should be something she will love, and enjoy using.

While there are many gift options you can go with, a popular choice is a gift basket. There are many gift basket creations out there that you can buy, but why not make one yourself? With that in mind, this article is going to cover a few thoughtful DIY gift basket ideas for your mom on Mother’s Day.

A Flower Arrangement

One of the first options to consider are flowers. Mother’s Day flower arrangements are wonderful choices and are sure to put a smile on your mom’s face. You can find hundreds of different kinds of flowers both online and at a local florist. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and there is a good chance your mom has a few favorites to choose from. You can even choose flowers to match your mom’s personality, and the opportunities are truly endless.

Flowers not only look good and help your mom take her home decor to new heights, but many can fill a room or home with a pleasant scent. They can elevate a space and instantly add a cozy and natural element anywhere.

You can design a large arrangement, a small bouquet, or any size in between. Feel free to choose all of the same flowers to go into the arrangement, or you can mix and match with a few of her favorites.

A Skincare/Beauty Gift Basket

The importance of a good skincare routine cannot be overstated. It can help skin look better and feel better, and help someone feel good about themselves. If you want to help your mom take her skincare game to the next level, a DIY beauty box can be a great idea.

You can include various lotions, cleansers, toners, masks and other products to help her retain her youth and great skin for as long as possible. There are thousands of different products to choose from, so take time to learn what she likes, what she uses, and what she wants.

Also, do your best to avoid any products that may irritate the skin. Avoid harsh chemicals and if your mom is allergic to any sort of ingredient commonly found in lotions, creams or makeup, be sure to know about that ahead of time.

A Snack Gift Basket

Who doesn’t love some tasty snacks? This makes a snack gift basket a wonderful choice that no mom will be unhappy to get. No matter what sort of snacks or treats your mom likes, adding them into a gift basket can be a simple and amazing idea.

You could add some chocolate, some candy, some meat and cheese, chips, mints, or anything else that your mom loves. If you have things like chocolate or other candy that is prone to melting, be sure to keep the basket in a place where it won’t get too hot or be in direct sunlight for too long.

Of course, be sure to avoid anything that your mother is allergic to, as well. The last thing you want to give your mom on Mother’s Day is a stuffy nose or an allergic reaction. In addition to food, you could also fill it with things like coffee or tea, too.

A Relaxation Basket

Unfortunately, dealing with stress is very common. Tens of millions of Americans deal with stress each and every day. This stress can come from work, from relationships, house renovations, health issues, and dozens more places.

While everyone is stressed, moms often deal with a lot more than normal. Not only do they have their own lives, worries, jobs, and other things to deal with, but they also need to assist their children in their lives. This is a lot to handle at times, and can certainly become overwhelming.

If you want to help your mother de-stress and bring some calmness into her life, a DIY basket focused on relaxation can be a great idea. As for what you include in this basket, that is up to you. This could be some candles, some essential oils, face masks, lotions, and anything else that can help her relax.

You could even include a gift card or certificate for a spa service, to give your mom a nice little escape where she could get a massage, facial, manicure, or pedicure.

An Alcohol Gift Basket

If your mom likes to have a drink from time to time, an alcohol gift basket is never a bad idea. This could have a few bottles of wine, some beer, whiskey, vodka, or anything in between. Of course, make sure to fill the basket with her favorites as everyone has their favorite kind of wine, beer, or spirit. If you’re not sure what her favorite is, it couldn’t hurt to ask, or do some investigating yourself.

You could even add some accessory items that go well with whatever type of beverage you included. This could be a fancy glass or decanter, some tasty food pairings, or even some unique and gorgeous coasters. While this isn’t a gift for everyone, and could be expensive in some cases, it can certainly be the perfect gift for some people.

A Basket of Her Favorite Things

While many gift baskets follow a theme or idea of some sort, this isn’t a requirement. As long as she likes and enjoys the items in the basket, they don’t all need to be similar. As a result, a great option could be to simply give her a basket of her favorite things.

This could include books, candles, snacks, a bottle of wine, a hand-made card, some photos, a new mug or anything else you think she would like. She is sure to appreciate the thought and care that went into this gift, as you have chosen things that you know she loves.

In conclusion, any of these DIY and thoughtful gift baskets are sure to make your mom smile if you give them to her as a Mother’s Day gift.