Over the past few years, surrogacy in Cyprus has become one of the best destinations in the European Union. This is because of the low price of medical procedures, high-quality level of services, provided by doctors, and perfect modern medical facilities.

Surrogacy Agency in Cyprus

World Center of Baby in terms of surrogacy in Cyprus is a flourishing and convenient surrogacy destination. Our surrogacy agency will certainly make your journey to parenthood a pleasant memory.

It’s important to mention that gestational surrogacy in Cyprus is regulated by law, which implies that those who are struggling with fertility issues are gifted with a fully valid way of becoming parents.

Without doubts, our top priority is to provide proper care and support to both the surrogate mother and IPs, ensuring a positive surrogacy experience.

Surrogacy Cost in Cyprus

Our reproductive clinic World Center of Baby tries its best to be as affordable surrogacy agency in Cyprus as possible. Our programs for their cost include a range of advantageable options such as surrogate selection, unlimited IVF procedures, compensation and care of surrogate, post-birth care for the surrogate mother and newborn, and birth certificate issuance.

To get a deeper insight into price options, please visit https://worldcenterofbaby.com/ and book a free appointment with our manager. By means of an initial consultation, World Center of Baby experts will help you to accept surrogacy Cyprus opportunities and dispel any remaining doubts concerning the chosen path to happy parenthood.

Surrogate Mother Cyprus

It is always advisable for the intended parents to use a proven surrogacy agency. Our surrogacy agency in Cyprus will provide you with a guide on the whole surrogacy journey right from providing a perfect surrogate mother to the law protection that will ensure you end up getting your baby successfully if it is eventually born on the Island of Cyprus.

With surrogacy in Cyprus, the parents listed on the birth certificate are the surrogate mother and the intended dad if the birth occurs in Cyprus. The baby’s father can be confirmed with genetic testing if necessary, to prevent any problems.

Gay Surrogacy Cyprus

As stated earlier, there are no law obstructions when it comes to surrogacy in Cyprus, including gay surrogacy. Whether you are a heterosexual couple or a gay couple looking to become parents, the surrogacy procedure remains the same. Therefore, surrogacy in Cyprus has no discrimination on gender or marital status; intended parents are treated equally.

World Center of Baby as an ideal surrogacy agency in Cyprus will help you find a viable surrogate mother to make your dreams of parenthood come true. That said, we always recommend using a reliable agency that can help put everything into perspective for you, especially because it can be quite challenging for gay intended parents.

If you are thinking about having a child using a surrogate mother in our surrogacy agency in Cyprus or gay surrogacy services, feel free to visit https://worldcenterofbaby.com/ and review comfortable packages just for you. If there are any questions left, don’t hesitate to leave a request in our contact form on the website and get a completely free consultation from WCOB experts.