Headache is a common issue that every person faces almost every week. It may be because of stress or work pressure. Many times people have migraine headaches, cervical issues, or even some due to health issues. Usually, people take some ginger paste with a few drops of lavender oil to relieve headaches. Some prefer to massage the head with coconut oil or other essential oils. These remedies are great, but few people prefer to swallow the best capsule for headache. Different types of headaches need different medicines. You cannot take coconut oil massage if you have a sinus headache. It entails that for every headache there is different medicine. In this article, you will read about some home remedies for headaches that provide instant relief and calmness.


Ginger is one of the preferred home remedies for headaches. Not only it cures headaches, but it also helps in digestion and curing nausea. You can use ginger in paste form, oil, or even juice. Once you make a paste, apply it on your forehead for relief, or instead use body pain capsules.

2.Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is excellent if your veins feel blocked. After applying peppermint oil your nose and breath will feel minty and fresh. You will be able to breathe better, and your headache will be relieved instantly. The only thing to remember while using peppermint oil is to not use it in excess.

3.Lavender Oil

The smell of lavender oil is very soothing and refreshing. It is known to be the most effective home remedy for headaches. All you have to do is take some oil on the tissue and whiff it once or twice. Alternatively, you can make a mix of almond and lavender oil for something extra.


Cinnamon is a basic spice that is easily found in kitchens. If you have cinnamon powder, then make a paste by adding some water and applying it on your forehead. Otherwise, ground a stick and then make a paste. Wash it after at least thirty minutes.


Basil is known to have analgesic benefits. It reduces headaches like migraines, and stress induces headaches very quickly. Either add some basil to your tea or put it in water and boil it to make a concoction. Then take small sips, and you will feel the difference.


Cloves are known to have quick headache-relieving properties. It is a spice-like cinnamon. If you keep two or three pieces of cloves in your handkerchief and smell it occasionally, you will get rid of any present headache, and it will prevent future headaches as well.


There are so many home remedies that people use to conquer headaches. Medicines are preferred only when the pain is unbearable. For migraine headaches, most home remedies work effectively. Frequent headaches must be checked by a doctor. Taking stress is another main reason why people get headaches. Try to sort your routine and manage your sleep cycle to prevent all kinds of headaches. Even if you get a headache, try using the home remedies given above.