If you’re in London and have the wedding bells ringing, then there’s only one place you should be rushing to: the Hatton Garden. Hatton Garden is the most popular diamond hub in London and people’s favourite when it comes to shopping for wedding rings. If you’ve never been there yet, we have enough reasons to convince you to visit the place for your wedding ring shopping.

  • Many shops to choose from

One of the major reasons that people love buying Wedding rings Hatton Gardens is the sheer choice of options. It is a huge market place for jewellery and so there are many shops lined up in the same area. This gives people a lot of options to choose from. They can hop, skip and jump from one store to another if they do not like a collection or want to explore or compare prices.

  • Oldest and most popular jewellery hub famous for diamonds in all of London

Hatton Garden is the oldest and most popular jewellery hub in London. Is has been there for decades and hasn’t once failed to satisfy a customer looking for some sparkle. The place is quite known for its diamond jewellery in all of London. Since wedding rings are often diamond studded and weddings do require some amount of splurging on jewellery, what better place than Hatton Garden?

  • Cheaper prices as compared to other markets

Since there are multiple stores lined up to form one huge market, the prices are competitive. This means that the jewellery in Hatton Garden is considerably cheaper than the ones you might find in any other markets or individual jewellery stores in other parts of London. This makes it an appealing option too. You can always go from one store to another to compare prices and find something that suits both, your budget as well your preference.

  • Frequent exhibitions showcasing collections from all over the world

Hatton Garden holds many exhibitions throughout the year that have jewellers from all over the world coming and showcasing their collection, which means you have more to choose from, all in one place. The exhibitions have varieties that you might not find in other local markets so if you’re in the right place at the right time, then you just might land an extraordinary piece of jewellery for your wedding.

  • Seasonal discounts, sales and offers

There are seasonal offers for holidays and wedding season. You can plan to shop around the offer time to avail discounts and make the most of sale prices. People save a lot of money shopping during sales in the wedding or holiday season and get amazing offers within their budget.

  • Lovely collections and latest designs to choose from

Most importantly, Hatton Garden has lovely collections to choose from. Every single jewellery store in the hub will have a lot to offer. They also have catalogues that help you choose, mix and match and customise your wedding ring to be just the way you want. The artists and craftsmanship is commendable and definitely worth a try.

Both men and women have a lot to choose from in Hatton Garden and it’s a guarantee that people always leave the place satisfied with their purchase. If you wish to buy sapphire hatton gardens for your wedding rings, then you’ll find quite a lot of stores offering latest and trending designs.