The Novo Mundo project began in 2015 to combat social inequality growing one of the new children. The goal should be to save culture and citizenship through games and workshops, so the children learn the requirement of humanity instead of believing in socialism.

In Projeto Novo Mundo Codes, the games and workshops are highly produced through which Latin america children understand concerning the culture of several groups along with a human value. Hence, their adolescent becomes well-built competent to shielding themselves in every challenging situation.

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Regarding the ” ” ” New World ” ” ” Project

Brazil’s ” ” ” New World ” ” ” Project (Projeto Novo Mundo) Novo social promotion and development association began in December 2015 while using the registered number CNJP-24.038.615. It’s known as a municipal public utility furthermore with a condition public utility.

This latest project, Projeto Novo Mundo Codes, aims to build up marketing, sporting, and academic skills one of the given growing children. Furthermore, this project seeks to get rid of social and caste system and gender inequality issues one of the children so that they live making their lives considerably.

In addition, the main reason for this project should be to serve social values for him or her who’ve their parents but work outdoors the house and granny and grand father or housemaids nuture them. These children are here you are at attend this latest school for eliminating all negative influences there.

Projeto Novo Mundo codes

To build up a noticable difference within our children’s lives, you must know concerning the complete program.

So, starting!

What’s this project?

•           Efficient inclusion of individuals with disabilities inside the whole world of work

•           Establish a dependable bridge that unites actors inside the extremes of professional inclusions

•           Through workshops, vocational, and professional qualification.

•           Development of citizenship, quality of existence, and values

That can involve during this project?

•           Physically disabled quickly 14 years of age

•           People reside in social vulnerability

•           Poor education level

Qualifications to obtain offered:

•           Production assistant

•           Storekeeper

•           Technical assistant

•           Quality inspector

•           Administrative assistant

Support beams of Projeto Novo Mundo Codes development

1.Adequacy of didactic

2.Team development

3.Partner preparation

4.Course development

5.Social inclusion

What are proper actions involved?

This project aims to produce greater interaction relating to the actors involved in the inclusion process. Therefore, the next plays a highly effective role within the ” ” ” new world ” ” ” existence project.

•           FIESP

•           SRTE-SP

•           SESI-SP

•           SENAI-SP

•           Public agencies

Individuals things involved under team are the following:

•           Project coordination

•           Business mobilization

•           partnerships

•           Recognize the SENAI-SP training course

•           Postpone the plethora of quotas.

Final Words

As you have seen, Projeto Novo Mundo Codes is a good project for children to develop these questions great atmosphere. Hence, they do know the requirement for humanity without involving them in social inequality. Furthermore, the task is all about developing professional skills in kids in order to earn an excellent existence.

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