Shopping online is now a brand new norm one of the youth. There’ve now been intense competitions between websites to woo the shoppers and provide the very best cost towards the customers with products happening purchase.

Here’s another website providing the same towards the buyers we expect towards the Palamixs com Reviews.

It’s many products arranged for that buyers as well as offers discounted rates for them. Its services are mainly managed with the U . s . States. But, could it be safe for shopping? Let’s check-

What’s Palamixs com?

It’s a seller website supplying a shopping experience towards the users. It provides garden decoration and residential decor products to enhance your home. Additionally, it provides custom products designed for special events and purposes. Therefore, it’s a web site to gift all your family members.

Many products are offered at discounted rates and will be a great deal towards the buyers.

Is Palamixs com Legit? Let’s verify.


•           Website Link: https://world wide

•           Website type: It’s an shopping online site selling decorative products to customers.

•           Email account:

•           Address: No reference to the address online.

•           Contact No.: Not given.

•           Order Cancellation: Its policy continues to be pointed out online it’s available before shipping.

•           Delivery Policy: Various modes of shipping can be found, but standard shipping takes 12-16 days for domestic delivery and worldwide delivery.

•           Delivery Cost: It’s delivery charges for orders below $59.99.

•           Return: Its policy continues to be pointed out people can return within fourteen days.

•           Exchange: Not pointed out.

•           Refunds: During your search Palamixs com Reviews, it was could be availed.

•           Payment Modes: Just one mode, i.e., PayPal.

Benefits of Purchasing from Palamixs com:

•           Certain in-demand goods are offered.

•           The cost from the products is on purchase.

•           Images utilized in the outline are multiple and engaging.

•           The website is guaranteed with HTTPS protection.

•           The website is well-organized, and shopping is hassle-free.

Disadvantages of purchasing from Palamixs com:

•           The address couldn’t be verified.

•           The web site is too youthful to become credible and secure our trust.

•           The phone number is missing on the website.

•           Low trust score.

•           No social networking accounts.

Is Palamixs com Legit?

To look or otherwise from the website, we aim to establish trust regarding this. May be the website authentic? We are able to measure the website around the following parameters:

•           Completeness of Website: No missing information.

•           Website Creation Date: 17/03/2021

•           Name registered as palamixs com

•           Social Media Presence: No account

•           Address Authenticity: The address can’t be verified.

•           Owner Details: They have not given any information regarding the dog owner.

•           Content Plagiarism: The information is 95% plagiarized.

•           Trust score: Only TwoPercent.

•           Brand Recognition: Not popular.

•           Broken Link: Yes, the social networking logos exist, however it is not redirected to the official social networking page.

•           Reviews: No Palamixs com Reviews on the internet.

•           Ways of Payment: Just one mode.

After assessing several parameters, the web site looks suspicious and it has several issues in securing our trust.

Should you be involved with any scam associated with the Payment through PayPal fraud, read much more about this here:

What exactly are Customers’ Reviews about Palamixs com?

The web site sells an array of products associated with adornments, and you will find images to aid claiming, but aside from it, we can’t find any testimonials to authenticate the claim from the site that they offer its service of promoting decorative products.

On Trustpilot, they have no Palamixs com Reviews about itself. Furthermore, whenever you checked its social networking connection, we found you will find icons on the website however, individuals icons weren’t redirected to Palamixs com website. Hence, we are able to consider individuals links aren’t genuine, which site doesn’t have reference to the leading social networking platforms.


The website sells several types of outside decorative products at inexpensive price points within the U . s . States. However, customers must always search for the genuineness of the website through several parameters.

Is Palamixs com authentic?On the fair quantity of parameters, the web site lacks authenticity and couldn’t claim our trust. Aside from it finding yourself in a nascent stage, with no Palamixs com Comments are there. It’s a lot of products on purchase to approach new clients. So, this site is suspicious, and individuals must verify this website if they would like to purchase everything from this portal.