The new generation of games paves the way for a new generation of gaming. Games such as Drift Hunters are sleek and smooth and don’t make the mistakes of their predecessors. However, there are certain games from way back when that can entertain audiences today. In other words, these are old-school titles that we just can’t get enough of because they provide an unparalleled gaming experience.

Nowadays most games thrive online and this is true for many providers, even the ones in the iGaming industries. Casino players can enjoy classic casino games in land-based establishments, but they can enjoy these titles online as well. Any online casino guide will offer players lots of sites to choose from. The main thing to remember about such games is to enjoy them responsibly.

But if you’re looking for titles that come from the gaming industry, you’re reading the right article. What follows is a selection of old-school titles that will keep both the new and the old generation of gamers entertained:

Oddworld: Abe’s Odysee

As 2D platformers are popular once again with titles like Hollow Knight, the younger generation might enjoy a title like Abe’s Odysee. Just like modern platformers, this one is a challenge and it has many things that will kill you instantly. A premature jump will lead your character to the abyss, and even enemies won’t be forgiving when they attack you. The puzzles in Abe’s Odysee can be mind-boggling which is another challenge of the game.

The story is pretty simple. The protagonist is Abe, who’s an enslaved Mudokon that works in a meat processing factory. He discovers that the very same factory is going to become the slaughterhouse for his entire race. That’s why he decides to break free and save his people. Along the way, you’ll need to make some difficult choices in achieving your goal. But we do that every day don’t we?


The entire franchise could fit in here as all of them are amazing games. But you have to start somewhere which is why it’s best to start at the beginning. You’ll play as Morgan Freeman, a scientist late for work on his first day at the Black Mesa Research Facility. But your first day on the job wouldn’t go as planned as there’s an accident and you accidentally open a portal to another world and aliens start swarming in.

To make matters worse, the government sends out a task force to deal with the problem and you’re on their extermination list. This will be your first encounter with the G-man and you could either do what he says or take the highway. This is one of the classics that was remade by a team of fans and if you’re not fond of clunky graphics then you can go for the remake. The experience is much the same, if not a bit better.

System Shock 2

As technology advances today, we’ll be pretty advanced in a couple of years. AI is much more present than it was back in the day and System Shock 2 gives you a glimpse of the potential of computer viruses in the future. But it’s quite a scary future to look at, so you have been warned. It is set in the future and the virus from the first game has survived and is thriving. You’ll be the only survivor on the ship as all the other members have succumbed to it. They are not human anymore as they have merged with the virus which lets them merge with technology. The virus is controlling them and it’s out for revenge. Oh, and you’re its target. The harrowing experience on board this ship is what makes System Shock 2 a great game and an amazing sequel. It’s quite a shocking experience and one of the earliest horror games to play if you’re a horror fan.


The world of gaming isn’t the same without the FPS genre and one of the earliest titles is Quake. It’s arguably the oldest FPS game out there that pits you against all kinds of enemies with a wide arsenal of weapons. It has spawned several sequels and has inspired lots of copycat games. Quake is also the recipe for countless other FPS titles today. That’s what makes it an old-school classic that’s worth anyone’s while.