Xiaomi users take to Twitter and forums to report a brand new issue, “Msa Keeps Stopping.” MSA is really a system service that transmits the mistake message to users when attemping to spread out any usual mobile application, especially Gmail.

Worldwide users are encountering the mistake message on their own Xiaomi cell phones or any other devices. However, Xiaomi understands the mistake message that users face, and the organization issued the official workaround for this.

Hopefully, the mistake would disappear right after the organization fixes it. But, you will find manual fixes available that’ll be discussed later within the publish.

What’s Msa Keeps Stopping Error?

It’s the kind of error or bug that Xiaomi users are facing. It’s considered area of the latest Android System WebView Application, also it may come as a lot of money with all of Android devices. Android System WebView may be the built-in application supporting other apps to show the information without having to open any dedicated browser.

The bug is identified included in the recent update from the organization, and Worldwide users face the facts. However, the reply to the mistake is straightforward. There’s a couple of easy steps that users have to accomplish to obtain Msa Keeps Stopping error fixed.

Stopping or disabling the MSA in your system is the straightforward means to fix fix the mistake on all Xiaomi devices. Besides, Bing is also focusing on it to enhance the messes in their finish.

How you can Fix the mistake?

Should you face the mistake in your Xiaomi device and wish to be aware of fixes, please continue studying. Below are the standard and straightforward steps you need to decide to try solve your device’s error.

•           Go towards the setting of the device where you stand getting the Msa Keeps Stopping error.

•           Click around the “App” icon.

•           Tap around the “Manage App” icon

•           From the dedicated search bar, you need to look for “Webview or MSA.”

•           Click around the “App Info”

•           Uninstall the applying or disable the updates permanently.

What Users Are saying?

As pointed out, worldwide Xiaomi users face the mistake, and they’ve shared their views within the tutorial videos’ comment section. A couple of video lessons can be found online where viewers are led with steps to repair Msa Keeps Stopping error.

Many users have recognized the tutorial, and they’re pleased to realize that fixes can be found. They’ve confirmed that they’re facing the mistake on their own device. With the aid of the video’s steps, the mistake is bound. They’re utilizing their device without issues.


It’s the standard error that Xiaomi users around the globe face, and with the aid of a couple of common steps, it may be fixed.

Msa Keeps Stopping error is caused because of the latest updates, and therefore it’s recommended the device’s automatic update function should be disabled.

Are you currently the victim from the error in your device? Please share your experience of the comment section.