Piecing together a wardrobe when you are on a budget can be a tricky thing. It might seem like a simple task but in reality it is not.The truth is that while quality in your clothing is an important factor, there are simply pieces that are not worth investing top dollar in like a T-shirt or chasing after fads. However, some things should not be skimmed on like shoes. You do not want to buy a pair of cheap shoes and then spend the whole day with foot pain from standing all day.

That said, it does not mean that cheap items mean lesser quality than expensive options especially when it comes to shapewear. When people think of shapewear, it is obvious that a certain brand would come to mind. While many would go gaga over the brand, the price tags are really not cheap. There are shapewear manufacturers that offer well-made undergarments for inexpensive prices and one such company is Lover-Beauty.com, a popular online shapewear retailer that aims to make more comfortable, seamless and functional shapewear. Best of all, their range of shapewear is not pricey at all.

So if you are looking for shapewear bodysuits that will actually show off your curves, shorts that will prevent thigh chafing, high-waist butt lifter shapewear to wear under fitted dresses, here are some of the best affordable options from Lover-Beauty.

Waist Trainers

A waist trainer is a high-compression shaping garment that is worn round the midsection to slim the waistline instantly. It can also help to supplement workouts. Most wholesale waist trainers stimulate thermal activity in the core, increases perspiration with less effort during exercise.  Lover-Beauty’s Double Layer Black Steel Boned Waist Trainer is designed for intensifying the fitness routine and is best worn for cardio or strength training.

Image from https://www.lover-beauty.com/product/flawlessly-double-layer-black-7-steel-boned-waist-trainer-plus-size_i_23612.html

Butt Lifter Shorts

These tummy control butt lifter shorts will sculpt your figure through the hips, tummy and thighs while enhancing the rear in a subtle way. Made of compression material like nylon and spandex, it offers firm control in these areas, invisible and comfortable to wear.

image from https://www.lover-beauty.com/product/black-queen-size-lace-hemline-tummy-control-butt-lifter-soft-touch_i_21499.html

Full Bodyshaper

Body shapers are very effective shapewear and easy to wear.  They are totally discreet, comfortable and can be worn for long hours throughout the day. Full bodysuit can create an hourglass curve at the waist and eliminates “muffin top” and “rolls”. This black Seamless Full Body Shaper features adjustable straps and is great for controlling the midsection, lifting the rear and slimming the thighs.

Image from https://www.lover-beauty.com/product/black-seamless-full-body-shaper-with-adjustable-straps-anti-slip_i_139332.html