Have you ever thought about having a aluminum bottled water for your routine thirst to be quenched up safely rather than plastic water bottles, no? Well, I am here to tell you why it’s such a great alternative.

It is estimated that about eight to nine tons of plastic bottles end up in our oceans each year, in the US alone 50 billion plastic water bottles are used of which 90% are not even recycled, this causes approx. million marine life deaths annually, apart from the microplastic particles in your body, causing lasting health issues like a cardiovascular disease by blocking your bloodstream and similar level dangers like diabetes.

The branded water bottle has usually false claims in their ads just to deceive people, aluminum bottled water has a range of benefits to make your daily water drinking safe for you as well as the planet, first of all, bottled water in aluminum is highly eco-friendly, the reason being that they go off in the small amount of time, highly recyclable than its counterpart.

Aluminium water bottles taste great because of its nature of preserving the freshness of any edible product in it. Aluminum does not ruin the freshness of any edible product the way plastic does by introducing a number of microscopic particles into your drinking water that not only alter the taste but also put you at danger for long-term illness.

Not only this but aluminum bottled water should be the staple amongst the masses, because of its reusability, it’s metal which is why it can be reused multiple times, not only keeping your health safe but your money safe as well.

Water is a necessity which is why large brands want to provide it as readily as possible whilst keeping their cost of manufacturing at the slimmest model possible, this is how they approximately make 16 billion dollars each year from just plastic bottled water, that is not only harming you, but harms crops, harms nature and harms animals, either in sea or land.

Apart from this the other alternatives like Glass bottles can a pose a risk of breakage that would also not bode that secure for your water or your wallet, by carrying such a delicate sort of water bottle, even the plastic water bottles frequently leak on you, now that’s not safe, especially when you’re at a formal setting.

On the flip side RAIN, aluminum water bottles provide you almost impossible leakage water that’s sourced from 65 feet high directly from the start of the water cycle, the clouds, going through the filter process which is done by Oxygen and then stored in these aluminum bottles or better aluminum water cans.

Our water is filled with natural nutrients that mother nature deems fit to carry along, the collection process is even more natural than any high-tech plastic bottled water plant, the stream pressure sends it safely into our aluminum bottles to provide you with the highest quality of water.