As school students, we all have encountered issues regarding lack of words and unnoticeable grammar mistakes. Whether it is about taking notes, making assignments, or writing an essay, we all, as a student, need to have a command of the English language.

Grammarly can help you with everything regarding this. Let’s know about it in detail and how it is helpful for students.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a SAAS platform that assists you while you write. It can help you with spelling and grammar mistakes, suggests better sentences, and instructs you wherever the sentence can be rephrased, or a better and accurate synonym can be used.

While writing with Grammarly, you get a lot to learn, which leads you towards becoming a better writer.

Grammarly does not autocorrect your mistakes; it underlines them and describes what is wrong and why you need to change it. This strategy helps students learn, rather than making them rely too much on the app.

While the free version of Grammarly offers some great grammar checking features, its premium version has some mind-blowing features that you would expect from an inclusive writing assistant.

It includes suggestions for writing enhancement, genre and tone specified writing style suggestions and not to mention its plagiarism checker. Grammarly also offers discount for students and others from time to time on their premium subscription.

Let’s take a thorough look at how it is helpful for students.

  • It helps with sentence structure, punctuations, and grammar according to the context. For instance, as a student, you are working on one of your English assignments and need some proofreading to make sure it goes well and good. Grammarly can give you a helping hand not just in making the required corrections, but it goes beyond it. It not just corrects you but teaches you how to improve targeting your mistakes.
  • It enhances your vocabulary and gets you to learn new words. Grammarly premium identifies the terms which are overused and suggests a new word to replace them with. It is how your piece of writing becomes more engaging, more spiced up, and you get to learn a new comment with their way of usage.
  • You can set goals about how you want your write-up to look, and Grammarly would suggest you edit according to it. It can help you learn what type of range of words is used in which genre. Whether you want to write something formal, informal, informatory, confident, or any other kind, it replaces words and phrases to sound more like your preferred genre. You slowly start getting an idea of what type of words should be used in what genre.
  • No one accepts a work that is copied and pasted. Plagiarism has been a severe issue in the educational field. Lots of students have been expelled due to their submission of plagiarized work. But sometimes, much work is plagiarized by mistake. The premium version of Grammarly comes with a robust plagiarism checker which cross-checks the write-up with millions of content on the web. It saves you from delivering plagiarized content and can also set up a challenge for you that can teach you to convey similar thoughts through various sentences and choices of words. You will have to change your sentence if they are detected to have already been used somewhere.


Grammarly proofreads your writing, polishes your article and makes you learn many things. You will develop an intuitive sense of using correct vocabulary and spelling and notice a considerable improvement in your grammar over the period.

There are many other benefits that you may explore once you start using it. Grammarly can be beneficial for students if used in the right way. Remember, it should not be overused that you become blindly dependent on it.