Hanging a prehung interior door is a generally basic undertaking. There are a few deceives however that can make the occupation simpler.

Devices required:

Level – a 2′ or 4′ is fine

Finish sledge and finish nails or a blower with a completion pneumatic nailer

Wooden shims

Measuring tape

A couple of bits of scrap blunder, to be utilized as spikes – 1″x4″ material is great, around 2′ long

Hand saw or jigsaw

Miter saw – hand or electric

A straight 2×4 which will be sliced to fit the entryway opening

The initial step is to guarantee the prehung interior doors are the legitimate size for the opening. The opening ought to be 3/4″- 1″ most extreme, bigger than the casing and entryway. This incorporates side to side and all over.

Next, actually take a look at the floor for level. Assuming the floor is out of level one of the side jams of the entryway should be managed down.

Before you set the entryway in the initial you will need to tack your piece material around one side of the entryway opening to go about as a stop. This will guarantee that the entryway jams stay flush with the completed dividers.

Presently set the entryway into the opening and focus it. Push it tight against the spikes you nailed to the one side. Starting with the top corner on the pivot side, slip two shims behind the prehung interior doors frame from inverse sides. Briefly nail into the jam and through the shims into the structure. This will make changes simpler whenever required.

Presently drop down to nail the last, a couple creeps beneath the lower pivot. Once more, place shims behind the jam while really looking along the edge for plum. Taping a short level to the straight 2×4 will help here. When the top and base are plum safely nail those two focuses and continue on toward the middle. Utilize the 2×4 to make sure that the side is straight and shim and nail the center.

Subsequent to checking the highest point of the door jamb for level follow this equivalent nailing process for getting the opposite side. To get an expert fit check the uncover (the hole between the entryway and casing) as far as possible around the prehung interior doors for consistency. A 1/8″ is ideal.

When the entryway is fitted and opening agreeable to you, the prehung interior doors packaging (forming) can be added around the two sides of the entryway. Cut 45-degree points at the top corners (the two sides) and 90-degree cuts at the base. Presently the entirety of that is left is preparing and painting, and introducing the handle set.

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