These days, it is surprising to hear that someone does not have an Instagram account. However, even those who have been able to resist this social network know what Instagram stories are. If you have heard of a story you cannot miss, you are probably wondering if there are ways to view it without having to create an account. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about viewing Instagram stories and suggest which tools can help you do so.

Like many users, you may not know this feature exists, let alone how to access it. Let us look at how you can view old Instagram stories.Fortunately, there is a way to view Instagram stories without an account with the help of Instagram story viewer, but you need to use the right third-party software to do so. We have prepared this list of the best ones, along with instructions on how to use them:Insta-Stories Online allows you to download stories to your device by tapping the “Download” button in the upper right corner. Additionally, you can save your favorite profiles by tapping the heart icon to the right of the username. This software also allows you to view and download publications.

Can I view Instagram stories without an account?

You have discovered that someone important to you has posted a story and you want to check it out as soon as possible. However, you do not have an account. Since the person who posted the story can see who opened it, you do not want to ask your friends for help. If you try to go to the Instagram website, you will only see the option to create an account, and there is no workaround to access the feed.

Instagram stories have become one of the most popular features of the social media platform, like Snapchat stories, Instagram stories only appear on your feed for 24 hours, or until the person who published the story deletes it. However, unlike Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories do not completely disappear after 24 hours. Although Instagram stories disappear from your feed after 24 hours, they remain archived in the app. Therefore, if you post a story but it expires before you can save the video, do not worry, you can still retrieve it.

In response to this, Instagram added Highlights and Archive features in 2017. Highlights allow you to group story items and post them to your profile as a regular post. They are labeled as Highlights, but they behave the same as a normal Instagram post. The other feature, “Archive”, saves your stories for future use. It is important to note that your stories are archived for your use only. For others, they will disappear after 24 hours as usual. In this menu, you need to press “Archive” to access your story archive. From there, you can re-share, highlight, and otherwise interact with your stories. That is the main thing for accessing your old stories, but seeing other people’s old stories is a completely different matter.

By design, stories are only visible for 24 hours, and there is really no way around that. However, if you know the person who created the story, you can ask them to share it with you by saving it from their archive. Some websites are designed to save Instagram stories. The most minimalistic and accessible of these is Stories. All you have to do is enter someone’s username and the website will find all of their active stories. From there, simply select the story you want to save and click “Download”. This is not the only option, as many other websites can do the same. However, this is the easiest way to do it. The archiving feature should be enabled by default, but if not, you can enable it in your settings. Find the “Stories” panel in your privacy settings and turn on the option that says “Save to Archive”.