Whether you accidentally spilled some paint on a concrete surface or want to remove old paint from an entire area, removing paint from concrete can be pretty challenging. Notably, because of the adverse health effects of lead exposure, it is advisable to contact Lead Paint Removal Brisbane professionals to help you remove paint from concrete. Fresh paint is much easier to remove because you do not need special chemicals or equipment. All you need is to cover the area with water and scrub it with a hard-bristled brush and detergent. 

Removing dried paint is very time and labor-intensive. It presents a much more formidable challenge than fresh paint. If you are trying to remove dried paint without professional help, this article will list some handy tips to help you plan well and help you DIY efficiently. Read on to learn how to remove concrete step by step. Also, you can prefer paint spraying equipment that one of the best choice for your car painting.

Before Getting Started Gather Supplies and Wear Protective Clothing

Before undertaking a paint removal project, you will need to purchase protective gear and the tools you need. Protective gear needed will include gloves, respirator and long-sleeved clothes. The tools and supplies necessary are vacuum cleaner, broom, hard bristled brush, putty knife, paint stripper, hose or power washer,

Deep Clean the Concrete

The first step will be clearing the area of dirt or debris using a vacuum cleaning or broom to ease the paint removal process. You can also scrub the area with warm detergent water and a broad wire brush. If you are using a phosphate-based detergent, be sure to wear goggles, long sleeves and a pair of gloves. Even though very effective at deep cleaning concrete, Phosphate detergents are banned in some areas because of their negative environmental impact. It is advisable to play it safe and consider using a TSP substitute. Allow a minimum of two or three hours for the concrete to dry before proceeding to the next step. 

Apply Paint Stripper

After chipping into the paint through deep cleaning the concrete, you will now scrape off as much as you can before applying paint stripper to the entire area. Mineral spirits and turpentine are effective paint strippers. If these don’t work, you can shop for a paint stripper explicitly manufactured for concrete. 

Paint strippers take time to do their job. It is important to allow them ample time to set in. The duration of time will depend on the paint condition after deep cleaning and scraping off and how much time you have. Paint strippers can be left on concrete as briefly as thirty minutes or as long as eight hours. Applying a paint stripper in extremely hot or windy conditions is not advisable because the substance may dry before it ultimately sets in. 

Scrub the Concrete

After letting the concrete set in for an appropriate time, use a broad wire brush to scrub off the loose paint. If some of the paint remains stubborn, you can use water soapy to scrub it again. Oil-based paints are much harder to remove than latex ones; they may not give way to warm soapy water. 

Power Wash the Concrete

If some paint remains after scrubbing, your next step is power washing the concrete using a power washer or high-powered garden hose. You can hire professional power washers or rent a power washer at your local hardware store. Power washing effectively removes paint residue on outdoor surfaces like concrete walls, walkways, and driveways. 

Repeat the Steps Above Until All Paint Is Removed

If your concrete wall is still not free of paint after all these steps, you will need to reapply the paint stripper and repeat all the subsequent steps. 

Clean the Concrete 

After successfully removing all the paint, you will need to scrub the concrete to remove all the chemicals and paint strippers used. Letting the chemicals and stripper remain will damage the concrete. Scrub the wall with warm water and allow it to dry before repainting, staining or sealing the concrete. Finishing the concrete is the best way to protect it from the elements. 

How to Remove Paint From Concrete Without Using Chemicals

Soda blasting is your best option if you want to remove paint from your concrete walls naturally. It strips paint from concrete in a similar way to sandblasting. Soda blasting is much gentler than sandblasting and causes minor damage to your concrete. You can hire professionals to remove the paint or DIY.