Plus500 is an easy-to-use international trading platform that focuses on Contracts for Difference (CFDs). Traders can earn (and risk potential losses) on movements of asset price without having to own and hold the asset.

While there are specific guidelines Plus500 reviews for CFDs, it is critical to identify that there is also a significant risk of loss traders can earn when the price increases and falls.

Here is how you can earn money on Plus500.

How to make money on Plus500?

The Plus500 platform has a wealth of resources and features. Following are a few of its most popular features when you sign up for a Plus500 account.

Demo Account

All registered customers have access to the Plus500 demo account, which can be an invaluable resource for new investors. Unlike certain other platforms, this sample account has no time limit or limit, so you can use it as long as you need it. When your balance falls below €200, your account is immediately replenished.

You can invest in all of the platform’s markets using the sample account’s user interface, equivalent to the actual one. You also receive access to charting tools and other resources available on the genuine platform. In truth, the only significant difference is that you can invest without risking any funds with the Plus500 trial account.

Diverse Commodity Range

Plus500 is among the most comprehensive assets and commodity lists available. You can invest in: 

  • Cryptocurrency CFDs
  • Forex
  • Indices 
  • Commodities 
  • Options
  • Shares 
  • ETFs with a verified account

The platform provides access to over 2,000 securities and asset classes, all with one account under the same platform.


Plus500 provides a free Trader’s Guide to novice and expert investors alike. You can watch many video tutorials in the education section of the website.

CFDs, trading instructions on this platform, and investing in various forms of trends are among the most significant topics covered. Combining what you’ve learned through the section with a demo account on the platform is a terrific method to build a solid investment strategy.


Plus500’s sleek and basic design makes it easy to use for all traders. The platform is regarded as one of the top mobile trading platforms, allowing traders to trade on the go.

Benefitting from the Plus500 Software

Whether you’re an experienced trader or just getting started, opening, amending, and canceling deals is simple.

It is strongly recommended that you practice basic investments on a demo account before trading with real money. You will get familiar with the positions of many options and a grasp of what each one performs in this manner.

You must pick whether you want to go long or short when opening a position. If you think the asset’s price will rise, you should buy it; you should sell it if you think it will fall.

Regardless of which choice you choose, risk mitigation techniques should be included to manage investments automatically.

Plus500 has many tools, but Take Profit and Stop loss are the most popular. Both of these options are trade restrictions that you specify. Your position is immediately closed whenever either limit is reached. As an outcome, you won’t have to watch your investment constantly.

Diversifying your investment portfolio is quite simple due to the wide selection of assets available in each market. According to basic investment principles, you shouldn’t put all of your money into one position. Instead, diversify your holdings to offset any losses in a single market.


Plus500 CFD trading offers traders leverage, enabling them to open larger bets with less capital. This type of investing is considered high-risk as you might lose since you might lose money faster than you do with regular investing. 

The company informs all visitors and users, following its licensing obligations, that 80.5 percent of retail investor accounts take on losses while trading on Plus500.

The platform has received mixed reviews online, with some praising the variety of tools and capabilities and others criticizing the delayed customer service. The site has received an unprecedented amount of new users, as per its social media staff, which has hindered communication. However, the team promises that support service will be restored as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Plus500 ranks highly among CFD trading platforms. You can fund your account using an equally varied range of payment methods, including PayPal, and a comprehensive and diverse choice of securities and assets securities. The platform is secure, regulated, and incredibly user-friendly, suited for both new and seasoned investors.

However, CFDs are sophisticated financial products. Thus, it is not appropriate for beginners or inexperienced traders.