Nowadays YouTube is one of the most unavoidable social media. From cooking to learning and many more you are using YouTube. 

 YouTube has the answers for each question you ask. You can find an answer from how to upload YouTube videos to how to make revenue on youtube.   

 Starting a YouTube channel is a very simple task. But after that many things, we have to notice for the channel growth. In this article, we’ll see how to grow a YouTube channel.

Engaging title

 YouTube marketing is depending on its presentation. The titles play a major role in the presentation. An engaging title will improve the view count of your videos. 

 Initially, the audience will get attracted by the title, and then only they will check the quality. ‘Best of lists’ and ‘how to…’ titles are the most common engaging title.

Video Visibility

 The second largest search engine is YouTube. When you do a Google search by any product name or ‘how to…’ you will get a YouTube video as 70% of the results. You have to use keywords in your title to describe your videos. 

 The keywords help for a better understanding of your videos. Also, tags are helping to increase the visibility of the videos. You can use tags in the description.

Audience need

 It’s important to ensure that you are aligned with your audience. The content that you produce should meet the audience’s satisfaction level. For understanding, you can refer to and check other YouTube channel videos. 

 You can find under what topic they show more interest in, in which style they want content and all. Also, you can check your Google analytics to find people’s interests. You can find the detailed report of location, demographics, and engagement of people.

Thumbnail customization

 A picture will get attracted the mind before the words when you see it. Thumbnail is the simplest and most effective way to promote your videos. An attractive title and a catchy thumbnail are two eyes of the videos. 

 Thumbnail creation is not a difficult task. You can find many apps available for that. Or you can take a relevant picture for your videos and add a particular font and style to make it appealing. 

Target Google 

 Everyone uses Google to search for their queries. A video format of answers to their question is really helpful than a text format. A YouTube creator should focus on promoting the videos to an audience and also promoting SEO (Search engine optimization). 

 The keywords of product reviews, and how-to videos are top searchable videos in SEO. When you target the SEO your content will get shown at the top of the Google search.

YouTube series

 It’s the smartest way to engage people with your videos. Creating a simple series of particular topic videos will make people wait for your videos. 

 Many YouTube channels are following this step. For example, you are creating a video on App builder for a small business. For this, you can divide your videos into smaller portions and promote them. 

Ending notes

These are some engaging tips to grow your YouTube channel. Follow and make your channel hit.