As many of you must know, music listening patterns have shifted dramatically over the last few years. Hundreds of music apps, such as Apple Music, Spotify, Shazam, and SoundCloud, have sprung up due to the increased Internet penetration and active use of mobile devices.

The question is how to develop an audio streaming app or how to create a music streaming website that is popular and successful. This guide involves some important information related to audio streaming app development.

It includes advanced features, costs, and a tech stack of music apps. So if you’re just about to develop an app, then now is the time to act!

What Are The Essential Features Of Audio Streaming Apps?

Are you planning to develop a music streaming app and wondering about the features to include? The below-mentioned table shows the essential features of the music streaming application development for two different panels.

User PanelAdmin Panel
Register With Social Media Or Email  Secure Login To The Admin Dashboard  
Create A User Profile  Manage And Upload Tracks  
Connect With Smart Speakers, Track NameCreate Playlists Based On Artists &  Categories  
Search Music Artists, Albums & Songs  Pre-listen Track  
Listen to Radio Streaming  Manage Users, Music Artists  
Add Tracks On The Personalized Playlist Background Remote Control  Publication Of The Track In One Click Manage/Edit/Add Track, Album, Style, Artist  
Download Audio Tracks And Listen to Offline  Advertising/Promotions/Discounts/ Offer  
Like & Share Of Track Via Social Media Networks  Manage Subscriptions & Memberships  

What Are The Advanced Features Of Audio Streaming Apps?

The mentioned below are the advanced features of an audio streaming app that an entertainment app developer should use in your app to make it viral and successful such as

1.    Social Media Signup/Login

This advanced feature of music streaming applications should include easy signup & login of users. With the help of this feature, a user can sign up & login into the app without filling in signup information.

2.   User Profile

You should hire an entertainment app developer to make your app more unique. You can also ask for a user profile development feature. In this feature, users can manage their profile involving liked songs & playlists. With the help of these features, users can also upload their songs.

3.    Search for Music Tracks & Playlists

This feature allows users to search and filter music by artists, genres, years, and other criteria. It should be simple for users to explore the platform and find their favorite tunes. In reality, navigation is one area where app users may improve to provide a good result to their children, therefore distinguishing the app from others in the same category.

Users want a smooth, fast, and convenient experience to listen to their favorite tunes with only a few taps. As the admin of a music app, you should consider including many customization options that aid in creating and editing playlists.

4.   Share Music & Audio Playlists

With the help of this feature, a user can follow their favorite musicians and bands. It will also help them share their favorite tracks with other users.

5.      Notifications

Numerous users find this notification feature useful as it helps them update on new song releases & updates. Push notifications help ensure that everyone is enjoying the music via the music app.

6.   Music Playlist

The playlist has been the greatest good to the users. This feature helps users categorize their tracks according to their mood, and they can also search for their favorite tracks based on artist, genre, and album.

7.    Offline Tracks

It is not essential to have a network everywhere, but music has to be there everywhere for music lovers. The feature of offline tracks helps users download their favorite tracks, which enables them to listen to the downloaded track anywhere, anytime!


What Is The Cost Of Developing An Audio Streaming App

You must have known what technology you’ll need to develop audio streaming app. Now it’s time to figure out how to fit it into your budget. A variety of factors, including impacts on the cost of app development

●        Technology stack

●        Number of features

●        Location of your developers’

●        Overall size of your team

It is challenging to identify the development cost of audio streaming apps entirely.

When you need to be ready, always pay extra if you want your software to reach the market as quickly as feasible.

The MVP (Minimal Viable Product) is one of the most important stages in the development process. To make an MVP, you must streamline the features and select which ones are essential to your product and which ones are the best.

An MVP with basic features (frontend and backend work, UI/UX design, basic connections with payment systems, and social networking) could take up to 1700 hours, according to our estimates. Your MVP will take less time if it contains few functionalities. The estimated cost of making a music streaming website ranges from $30,000 to $40,000.

Tech Stack To Develop Audio Streaming App

Are you looking for the tech stack to make a music streaming website? The development of music apps requires updated high-tech skills.

We have mentioned below some programming tools you can use to create a music app or while working on entertainment app development. The mentioned below tools are popular and effective such as

Development ProcessTech Stack
Backend DevelopmentPython  
Frontend Development  Javascript  
Frameworks  Hadoop, Apache Storm, Hub Framework
Music Files Storage  Cassandra/Postgresql  
Server-Side And Back-End Structure  PHP And Java  
Real-Time Data Management And Processing  Kafka Software  
Model-Based Tests And Python Integration Offline  Graphwalker   Dataproc  
Platform Infrastructure  Amazon S3, Google Bigquery  
Cloud-Based Music Streaming  Chromium Embedded Framework  
Building Ui For The Desktop Application  Nginx  
Open-Source Http And Proxy Server  Bootstrap  
Web Development  Java  
Android Music Streaming App  Objective-C  
Ios Music Streaming App  C++  
Windows/Mac Clients  Google Analytics, Twilio Sendgrid  
UtilitiesFor Business Tools  G Suite, And Jquery  

Summing Up

Hopefully, you liked this guide on how to develop an audio streaming app, as many of you must already be aware of the fact that the music industry market is growing too fast.

Audio streaming services have a wide range of audiences, to be precise. If you are interested in developing audio streaming apps, you should hire the best software developer team. Make sure to hire developers who will provide efficient and effective results in making your dreams come true!