Unisex earrings are a great, stylish way to add some flair to your wardrobe. The unisex trend was born out of the growing desire for gender-neutral garments, accessories, and jewelry pieces that would appeal equally to men and women. Nowadays, fashionable unisex earrings are much easier to find and offer some great options when you are looking for new, cutting-edge ways to accessorize. If you want to look fashionable with unisex earrings but aren’t sure how to choose them, here are a few tips:

Shop for Unisex Hoop Earrings Online

If you’re going to buy new unisex earrings online from popular stores, such as Ask & Embla, it’s important that you make sure the company you buy from has a great return policy. Sometimes what looks good on the model doesn’t look quite as awesome in real life. Good companies have a liberal return policy so that if this happens with your purchase, you can send the earrings back without losing tons of money.

Make Sure They’re Not Too Big

If you’re going for an edgy look, you don’t want those earrings to be so large that they distract from the rest of your outfit (or worse-that they make it look like a costume). The best way to strike this balance is by keeping them small but noticeable. If you have pierced ears, then one option is studs; if not, then something with a dangly element should work well too. Earrings should complement your outfit instead of making it look like an afterthought!

Know Your Body Type

The first thing you should ask yourself is, “how do you look?” (in the mirror). The answer will help guide your choices. If you have an athletic build, you might want to consider more dramatic earrings with some geometric features-for example, triangles.

If you have a smaller face and build, then hoops are probably going to make your face look oversized. But if your face is wider and broader than average, then hoops could be a great choice for you! Wider faces tend to carry heavier earrings well, so don’t be afraid of bigger, earrings.

Avoid Gaudy Gems and Designs

There are plenty of unisex hoop earring styles that incorporate gems without looking gaudy or overly feminine. The best way to accomplish this is by choosing simple designs that don’t overpower your face or clothing style. You’ll want something that adds just a little bit of sparkle or shine without being too much!

Think About How They Fit into the Rest of Your Outfit

When an accessory is well-integrated, it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb-it just adds to the overall look. If you’re wearing a plain shirt and jeans, don’t pair them with big chandelier earrings or you’ll look like you own a costume shop (and not in a good way). On the other hand, if you’re going to wear a plain white t-shirt and jeans anyway, why not jazz up your outfit with some gorgeous fashionable unisex earrings? It’s all about balance so if you’re going for subtlety in one part of your outfit, make sure there’s enough drama elsewhere.