IT Project Manager is a top of the ladder for those who are passionate about managing projects. Those who aspire to become a successful project manager candidate should have some essential qualities that make them an ideal candidate before they apply for a position as an IT Project Manager. The first and foremost quality is having a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology, which helps on the work related issues, going forward on this career path. Best Health Keto

A Successful IT Project Manager must be aware of all the specialist skills and knowledge required for this profession. There are many different areas where an individual can gain such expertise, such as through training courses, academic qualifications e.g., Master’s Degree or by working in a project management team. Apart from that, an IT Project Manager should have good leadership qualities to lead the teams, must know how to negotiate and liaise with clients and understand their needs etc.

IT Project Managers are generally expected to juggle multiple projects at once. Keeping their project on track and within budget, communicating clearly with all the stakeholders; including the team, client and users is not an easy task. Leaders need excellent people management skills to manage the team, project finances and resources. A knack for delivering under pressure is important too.

The chief responsibility of an IT Project Manager is to ensure that all projects are completed on time and within budget, according to their clients’ needs. They must ensure that projects are delivered on time, on budget and of the best possible quality. Furthermore, IT Project Managers act as a mediator between customers’ ideas/needs and the development team’s execution of those ideas/needs.

One of the biggest mistakes IT Project Managers make is avoiding conflict. Taking time early on to discuss any issues will prevent misunderstandings later down the road. When there’s a problem or question, identify it as soon as possible and address it right away.

The companies where IT project managers can find employment opportunities are many across the world. These companies hire IT professionals from countries including India, China, Mexico and the United States. Additionally, there are also numerous multinational corporations hiring from all parts of the globe too. There are so many employers looking to hire people with management abilities through interviews conducted both locally and internationally.

To be a successful candidate in this field, one must have the following qualifications: degree in computer science or information technology; certification in project management professional (PMP) or PRINCE2 would be preferred; knowledge on software development life cycle (SDLC), testing life cycle, and other IT concepts; good communication skills both written and oral; ability to work well within teams but also show leadership qualities when required; willing to travel domestically or even internationally for extended periods of time.

IT Project Manager Job Description :-

The job description can vary depending on the company’s needs. However, there are some aspects that every manager should do regardless of what is needed by their employer. Generally speaking, IT project managers excel at project management and the ability to work on projects from concept through completion. They have a good grasp on all of the details required to keep a project moving forward on schedule. IT Project Managers generally report directly to a manager within their department or company. Best Healthy Keto

IT Project Manager Salary :-

The median annual salary for an IT project manager is $81,890 as of May 2011, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)  . The lowest 10 percent earn less than $45,320, while those in the 90th percentile earn more than $127,450 per year . However, salaries vary widely based on level of experience , location and specific industry . For example , working in scientific research and development makes an average of $116,000 per year , while those in the motion picture and video industries make an average of $97,910 per year . 

The following is a breakdown of IT project manager salaries by industry :

–      Information technology (IT) services: $76,640

–      Construction industry: $74,380

–      Motion pictures and video industries: $97,910

–      Management of companies and enterprises: $79,400

–      Scientific research and development: $116,000          

To Be A Successful IT Project Manager you need these skills:

  1. Technical background (software development, information systems)
  2. Leadership abilities (setting goals and objectives, delegating tasks, providing continuous feedback to team members)          
  3. Project management (planning, scheduling)
  4. Extensive experience in the industry or technology you are managing projects for.          
  5. Communication and interpersonal skills (team working, negotiation and arbitration, motivating and coaching team members)
  6. Flexibility (adapting to last minute changes, frequent travel)
  7. Business analysis skills (understanding the business requirements and translating them into detailed project requirements, cost estimates and timetable plans).          
  8. Communication skills (Write proposals, reports)          

Thus a A Successful IT Project Manager doesn’t necessarily need to be an expert of the field he is managing, but rather a highly experienced IT project manager who can manage these technical experts.