When experts say, “Look for a partner, not a tool,” they refer to the services offered by EHR solutions. An EHR tool will just offer EHR capabilities to earn handsome amounts, which is not the case for realistic EHR solutions. Instead, they deeply understand the extent of services various practitioners need and then design the feature-sets accordingly. No two healthcare facilities have the same requirements, and thus EHR partners look into this concept keenly.

One such vendor is Modernizing Medicine EHR software. It is genuinely a solution physicians can rely on, as it caters to their personalized needs. But why do people refer to it as a solid EHR partner? Why do they say so? We are also looking for an answer to this question, so let’s see what we can find about it. We explored its feature section and also evaluated the reviews to see if the Modernizing Medicine EHR software back the claim made by the users.

Features Offered By Modernizing Medicine EHR

Impressive Practice Management:

Clinicians look for an all-inclusive EHR solution to invest in. They do so to have all valued healthcare services in one place. And thus, their ultimate preference is the EHR systems that offer integrated practice management services. This feature is required to enhance the effectiveness of clinical staff. PM solution serves as an easy hub where employees can access all clinical data for handling all operations tasks.

Modernizing Medicine EHR features an intact PM solution to assist clinical staff tackle routine administrative tasks. The software assures there are no gaps and bridges for a smooth information flow. This results in better administrative tasks handling, easy payment processing, and keen financial reporting. In addition, ModMed keeps clinicians updated on their staff’s activities by allowing them to document their actions. And you can go through those documents freely.

The principal features offered by the ModMed practice management module are: 

  • Streamlined check-in and check-out
  • Generating and tracking patient quotes
  • Supports data-driven metrics for creating business health reports

Enhanced Patient Engagement

For medical practices to run smoothly, maintaining patient engagement is a must. All healthcare providers tend to over a hundred patients per day. It’s not feasible to engage them all in care management without having a robust EHR solution. A patient-centric EHR system helps get patients involved in their treatment. It does so by combining human knowledge with advanced technology at hand to create an effective patient engagement service.

The demo of Modernizing Medicine EHR presents that the system comes with an intact patient engaging service. It is well-equipped with all tools a physician needs to gain his client’s attention, from the patient portal to self-scheduling and patient kiosks. It also offers patient surveys to learn what’s the point of view of the clients. All these tools are inclined towards giving clients a sense of control and freedom over their healthcare outcomes.

Notable features included in ModMeds’ patient engagement module are:

  • Educational material to guide patients in how to prevent diseases.
  • Allowing them instant access to their medical records.
  • Sends automated reminders to all patients.

Flawless Bills Cycle Management

Bills and finance management are the most critical part of medical practices. Physicians need to hire expert managers to handle bills if done by hand or consider implementing a full-fledged EHR software. EHR solutions come with solid bills management solutions. These solutions not only handle bills but claims too to increase clinical revenue. In addition, smooth payment processing goes a long way in streamlining clinical workflow.

Understanding the delicacy of finance handling Modernizing Medicine EHR features an intuitive revenue cycle module. It is inclined to shape practices’ financial health by speeding up payment processing. The software makes payment collection easier by assigning expert billing experts to all specialized practices more effectively than other in-house billers. Besides outbound patients, ModMed handles the claims management in and out.

The critical functions of ModMed’s RCM solution are:

  • Insurance verification and claims scrubbing to prevent denials.
  • Online billing statements to notify patients of due payment.
  • Automated bills generation and accounts reconciliation service.

Effective Reporting and Analysis

Reports generation is an essential part of EMR solutions. With seamless access to technological advancements, EHR software vendors even perform a thorough analysis of conducted reports. It is of great help to clinicians, as they don’t have to create reports manually. Manual data collection and tests usually result in error-induced reports. Such statements don’t reveal the true potential of medical practices and hinder meaningful insights into clinical performance.

An impactful analytics tool is also included in Modernizing Medicine EHR demo. ModMed effortlessly analyzes clinical reports with a kit of analytic tools to generate valuable insights. It even compares current performance reports with the previous year’s benchmarks to highlight clinical revenue and performance improvement. Providers can even dig deeper into the billing cycle to spot the latest reimbursement trends and more.

The analytics solution of this vendor offers visibility into the following aspects:

  • Helps track outbound referral patterns.
  • Allows analyzing patient volume trends by visualizing clinical data.
  • Tracking month-over-month A/R changes is also possible with ModMed.

Reviews of Modernizing Medicine EHR

Modernizing Medicine EHR reviews elaborate on all its features in a well-detailed manner. In addition, caregivers can take ModMed’s user reviews as a way to get to know this system better. The vendor significantly reduces staff workload with its impressive patient kiosk functionality. Patients can use iPads to see their remaining balance and much more.

The reviews of Modernizing Medicine EHR show how seamlessly the platform integrates all its modules. This integration results in the smooth flow of clinical information between practitioners and the administrative staff. The software introduces the element of convenience to the workflow of all medical practices. In true words, this solid EHR doesn’t just modernize the reviews but modernizes the payments too.


Modernizing Medicine EHR is indeed software that can be categorized as the best partner of healthcare practices. It deeply understands the issues caregivers are faced with and handles them with care. This interoperable solution enables doctors to deliver value-based care to all patients. It streamlines all clinical processes from scratch, leaving no room for misconception. And this is what makes it a reliable healthcare partner.