An emergency exit sign is one of the essential safety devices for any building. These signs protect customers, employees, and residents by showing them a way to the safe exit in case any emergency takes place. Designed for rescue in the event of some power outage, emergency exit signs mostly stay underrated.

Importance of Emergency Exit Signs

When an emergency such as a fire arises in a building, emergency exit lights show people the way out of danger. It is important to note that these are equally important as fire alarms. Because it is the emergency exit sign ensuring that everyone evacuates to a safer area after the fire alarms have communicated about the emergency.

It Can Happen to Anyone!

Before you understand how emergency exit signs work, you first need to understand clearly that it can happen to anyone, including you. Many people believe in toxic optimism where they do not consider or think about the situations/subjects that give them goosebumps. Or they consider such incidents too rare to happen, so why bother investing money and effort in installing them.

But to look at it from a different perspective, an emergency is an unexpected incident that does not consider the building, the people, or the location. It can take place anytime, anywhere, due to any reason. So, it is better to be prepared for it than to exist on the edge.

Moreover, no building owner prefers having to build from scratch all over again to investing in emergency exit signs and other safety devices.

Where Should an Emergency Exit Sign be Installed?

All buildings should have emergency exit signs. You can install windowless rooms, stairs, corridors, escalators, and doors. Make sure that all points with them should lead to an exit. It depends on the map of the building where exactly the signs should be placed.

An Entrance to Safety!

The most important factor of exit signs is that they should be loud and clear. Because people lose their ability to think clearly in high-stress situations, thus, you should not leave them to find out anything on the spot. Signs must be communicating without demanding much attention or thinking.

The best emergency exit sign you can add to your building is Lepro Exit Sign. Lepro offers two models (86001 and 86002). Both have Red LED Light with Battery Back, 120 / 277 VAC input, and a 1.2V1000mAh Ni-Cd battery.

The 86002 model comes with an indication function. You can choose any two models for schools, offices, hospitals, and other buildings.

These UL Certified Emergency Exit Signs are a great investment in the safety of your building.


To ensure the absolute safety of those inside a facility, it is essential to install emergency exit signs. Lepro offers the best exit signs with built-in LED lights so that the escape is clear to people, whether it is a bright day or a night.