Split queen mattresses are great for couples looking for comfortable and affordable bedding options. However, buyers must ask “What is a split-queen mattress?” Before buying.

If you have two beds that require different bedding but are sharing a single bed, the split queen bed is a great choice.

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Split queen vs queen mattress

Split queen beds provide the flexibility and support required to fit different needs. This is the key difference between full-size and divided queen mattresses. It is the reason split queen mattresses are so beloved.

A split queen or double queen mattress, also known under the name dual queen, is composed of two components. They measure 30 inches in width and 80 in length. This gives the mattress an equivalent surface area as a standard-size queen mattress.

However, it can be uncomfortable because the division line is visible between the mattresses. This option is best for couples sharing a bed that has multiple sleeping needs. This is because both partners can adjust to the same settings for firmness/support. Split queens due to their smaller dimensions and the presence of adjustable bed frames are easier to move.

What is the best way to buy a split queen mattress?

Split queen mattresses can also refer to dual queen mattresses. These mattresses have the following key attributes for buyers:

Minimal disturbance

Many light sleepers feel disturbed if their partners move. This can lead them to have a poor night’s sleep. Split queen mattresses give each partner separate sleeping areas that reduce disturbances.

Great flexibility

Split queen mattresses allow two people to share them due to their flexibility. They are good for people with joint and back pains or who require a more comfortable mattress.

Cuddling Couples

Standard queen mattresses can be used for couples who are passionate about cuddling. Because of the separation between two queen-sized mattresses, this may make it uncomfortable for couples.

Space utilization

Split queen mattresses are perfect for small spaces and rooms that need efficient space use. Because they are smaller, they are easy for you to maneuver in narrow hallways.

Which type of mattress is best suited for a split-queen bed?

The wide range of sizes offered by mattress companies makes it difficult for you to find the right one. These are the key features of the split-queen mattress.


These are the best-selling split queen mattresses. These are some of the best qualities of these mattresses.

Bouncy feel

Innerspring mattresses provide soft, comfortable, and responsive support which makes them easy to sleep on.

Minimum disturbance

The mattresses reduce motion transfer so that partner movements are prevented from disrupting your sleeping.


They let air flow through the mattresses, making them very breathable. This helps keep them cool.


If you’re looking for a comfortable bed that will last a long time, then you should consider buying a split queen mattress. A split queen mattress is a perfect size for an average-sized bedroom. It’s also very affordable, which makes it a great option if you’re on a budget. Plus, it offers plenty of comfort and support. If you’re wondering what else to look for in a bed, check out our adjustable beds reviews of the best split queen mattresses.