Spring is just around the corner and that means it’s time for shopping, time to rejuvenate your wardrobe all over again (if possible).

They say a person can be understood by their footwear, signifying its importance in one’s life and in one’s personality. Having nice shoes or footwear on doubles your elegance and your personality. Women’s sandals have always been in demand, they usually try to try different compositions with their get up which makes them look even prettier but since Spring is just around the corner then you’re highly likely to be in the market for a nice pair of flat sandals that would make sure that you stand out from the rest.

But here’s the catch, there are a lot of sandals available these days and there are many varieties which most probably will get you confused as to what would be the right choice to wear in Spring, where you can be comfortable and at the same time look elegant.
Worry no more, we have compiled a few of the best flat sandals that would definitely look great on you, all you have to do is keep on reading in order to find out.
So, let’s get started-

1. Gladiators

You most probably would have seen this and it’s every woman’s go-to sandal and yes as the name suggests, the design of the sandal is pretty similar to the Historical Gladiators that we know. If you’ve seen the movie Gladiators you’ll find these sandals with the cast wearing them.

So what makes these sandals the number one choice for spring? Well for starters, these sandals are extremely comfortable and easy to handle. There’s a high chance you’ll feel the freedom in your foot when you have them on. These are strappy sandalswith a T-bar running down. The best thing about these is that you work with every dress or get-up you wear. Be it a casual dress, they’ll fit in perfectly, be it a formal dress, they’ll be perfect. That’s why it’s every woman’s go-to footwear, because of its so much use.

2. Flip Flops

How could we forget these legendary flat sandals?

They are so universal that they are worn by men and women alike. It’s one of the most classic sandal styles but it can’t be worn with a formal dress. It’s a kind of sandal that always and always looks great with something casual. It’s great for outings or if you want to head out to the beach. It’s great for every use and almost everyone in this world, I would say, would own a pair of Flip Flops. There can’t be anyone who wouldn’t have flip-flops, such is the usage of these sandals.

3. SlingBacks

Slingbacks used to be a lot in demand some time ago and the demand slowly diminished and people somewhat forgot about these. But in today’s time, however, these are in high demand again. Fashion Powerhouses have resurrected this fashion icon again and they were right to do so.

Every woman, no matter that age, would have owned a pair of Slingbacks or still do.

They look really well with formal get-ups and so it’s something to wear in Spring. The shape of it is not closed and it allows air to move in, keeping your feet fresh.

4. Sliders

Ah! The sliders!

The Sliders too are a kind of flat sandalsthat are owned by almost everyone in this world, just like the flip-flops. Why? It’s evident, because of them being universal and their usage. They go with every dress code usually with casual dresses. There would hardly be anyone who would wear sliders with a Formal dress.

The sliders used to be something really common which would have been available for a couple of bucks in the market but the latest fashion trends have made the prices of sliders go high and so you would see brands like Nike, Adidas, Versace, and a bunch of other notable brands rolling out their own Slider versions.
Nevertheless, it’s a great buy for Spring.

5. Embellished Flat Sandals

Embellished Flat Sandals are really similar to Slingbacks in terms of their effectiveness but their design varies a lot. They are understated and often breathable. The best part about these sandals is that they have the ability to go with anything that you wear. Formal or Casual, you name it, they’ll get along with it. Furthermore, such flat sandals make your feet look great and with the different colours and they can make you look even more pretty.

6. Mules

Mules are something that every woman wears when they go outside for something casual. They are easy on the feet, easy to wear and at the same time look good with any casual dress you have.
Many women these days prefer to have these on while going out because of the sandals presenting different characteristics at the same time. You look professional and respectful, you look good and at the same time, you get the comfort, the breeze into the feet, and the elegance. You’ll find some of the shapes of these sandals similar to sliders but the built and the quality would be something that would be distinguishable. Nevertheless, these sandals are the most sought sandals in Spring since their revival in the 90s. You may imagine how good a fashion trend would be that they are still present in today’s time since they came out in the 90s.

7. Dress Sandals

You would have known the purpose of these sandals from the name itself. It’s nice to have sandals that are made for one purpose as every sandal’s purpose is almost the same that is to be good looking with any get up that you wear but sandals such as the Dress sandals go with formal dresses only. These are strappy sandalsthat are easy to wear, are breathable and something that looks great. For every lady that goes into a formal event, you’ll find them wearing these sandals because these are specifically made for formal dresses and for formal events. You might use them with casual dresses, it’s not like that but they look better on formal occasions.

8. Wedges

Wedges too are a kind of strappy sandals that have always been in great demand for someone who has been wanting to spice things up with their dresses and look.
Some may find wedges uncomfortable if they have worn flat sandals all the time as the sole is a bit elevated but not too much, still, someone might find them uncomfortable but they are still a great choice for anyone who wants to change their get up and give a different look to themselves.


Women’s sandals in Spring have always been in great demand. With winters just getting over and spring coming on, people usually change their attention to sandals in order to accommodate the need of the weather and to feel alive and free. Wearing something that’s easy on your feet is always everyone’s top choice.
We hope you like the above kinds of sandals that you might love to get in Spring. Thank you for reading 🙂