Are you interested in flying a flag high above your home? Want to display your pride in living in this country or the pride you have in your home country?

Then you’re going to need a flag pole. Flag poles make it possible to hang your flag indoors or outdoors, up high or down low.

And the best part? You don’t even need to buy a complete flagpole, but you can construct one yourself if you know the flag pole parts needed to get the job done.

So if you love to tinker and complete projects on your own, go ahead and build your own flag pole. They aren’t too complex and can be taken care of in a weekend or less.

Keep reading to discover what parts are needed for your conservative flags project today.

Planning Your Flag Pole Project

Before buying parts that you need for your flag pole design, you need to know what type of pole you’d like to construct. There are different ways to display a flag.

Some people want a smaller indoor flag pole to display in their home office, for example. These are going to be very simple to create. But without the outdoor wind, the flag will never be fully displayed.

Hanging a flag outdoors is definitely the way to go. You can either mount a pole directly to your home, using some sort of bracket or attachment. Or you can construct a pole that rises up from the ground. Different mounting methods will require different parts, so keep this in mind as you start buying the components that you need.

Commonly Used Flag Pole Parts

So what are the parts you need to know about when putting together your own flag pole? Here’s what you’ll need to purchase or make in your workshop.

Flag Pole

The most important component is the flag pole itself. Smaller flag poles are often made of one singular metal tube or pole. Larger flag poles can either be one large metal pole, or multiple, interlocking poles or a telescoping pole.


The pulley system makes it easy to manually raise or lower your flag. You can construct a DIY pulley system using basic materials or buy a pre-made one.


The halyard is the rope or chain used to move the flag up or down. This is what you will physically pull on if you’d like to move your flag higher or take it down.

You’ll want the material to be durable and weather resistant. And some flag pole owners want to ensure that the cable is a softer material so that it doesn’t constantly bang against the metal pole in the wind, making loud noises. 


For a proper flag pole, you’ll want an ornamental object lace on the very top of the pole. This caps the pole and gives it a distinguished look. The object used is called a finial.

These are often decorative balls, though some people opt for an eagle or other detailed display.

Top Mount

Mounts are used for holding flag poles in various locations. A top mount can be used to mount a flag pole on top of a flat surface. This could be on the flat section of a roof or on the top of an awning. 

Side Mount

Side mounts are used on vertical surfaces. You can install a side mount on a wall, a fence post, or any other straight, vertical surface to fly a flag using only a few screws. 


For permanent home or business installations, you should install light to shine on your flag through the night. You can install a solar light to the top of your flag pole, which emits light down onto the flag.

Or you can install landscaping lights that shine up onto the flag. Lights on top of a flag pole are preferred as they require little to no maintenance or hard wiring, thanks to solar power.

Buying Flag Pole Components 

Of course, if you are especially handy, then you can probably craft all of your own components using supplies found at your local hardware store. Using metal pipes for the pole, cheap pulley systems, and basic mounting hardware, it’s easy enough to construct a flag pole on your own.

If you’d like the process to be a little easier, you can purchase ready-to-use components from an online retailer that specializes in flag pole parts and accessories. They will be much faster to install and construct that specific flag pole that you are hoping for.

Buying Complete Flag Poles for Sale

After reading this, have you decided that you’d like to save a little time? Maybe instead of going out to buy flag pole components, you just buy a complete flag pole instead. It’s much easier, especially with today’s modern flag pole designs. 

Even if you want to install a tall flag pole that rises above your home, purchasing and installing it is quite easy to do. First off, you can buy a flag pole kit online, which comes with everything you need for a quick installation.

And you can even install it yourself. Modern flag poles are telescoping. So if you want a 25-foot tall pole, you only need to install a smaller pole, then raise it up to your desired height. No construction team is needed to get a flag pole in your yard.

Even when you purchase a complete flag pole, there’s going to be installation required. So if you have your heart set on completing a project, then installing a flag pole kit will still satisfy you. It’s just a much faster and more enjoyable process than building your own flag pole from scratch. 

Fly Your Flag With Pride

Now that you have an idea of what flag pole parts are needed for a complete installation, it’s time to decide which route to take. Are you going to build it from scratch, purchase ready-to-install parts, or just buy a complete flag pole?

Regardless of which route you take, you’re only a few short days from flying your flag high and sharing your pride with another world.

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