Hi guys, how’s it going all doing within this pandemic? We’re sure all of you may be bored as hell, by just staying at home, absolutely nothing to do really will make you crazy. But there’s one factor to help you to reduce your monotony yeah, actually, bar games!!! Is it not exciting bar games always bring a kind of nostalgia to all of us.

Actually today, we will possess a game review it will likely be fun. We’ll help everyone sort if you need to purchase these products out of this Websitewebsite. Regarding its shopping process, refund and refund policy, payment method, as well as an essential factor is rugged games.com real or perhaps a scam.

We will help you obvious all your mind doubts by discussing Rugged games.com reviews.

What’s Rugged games.com?

Craggygames.com is discovered in Feb 2021 it had been built by two buddies Czar and Alvy both of them are best buddies since childhood they’d performed lots of bar games. It had been their dream to develop their very own business shop, which appears a plot from your old stereotype movie.

Searching in the groups, we’re not much impressed since the Website does not have much to provide. It’s thirty days refund policy quite convenient. We’ll also find Is rugged games.com legit before we advise you to definitely shop came from here.

Craggygame.com exists on all social networking, from Instagram to Facebook, but there’s no reviews concerning the product with that Website, as well as their quality of merchandise looks fine based on them. Presently, the amount of an order are extremely much that they an indication around the mind of the Site that an order are extremely much and shipment will require 6 days after analyzing many of these things it had been also pointed out in Craggygame.com reviews.

Website specs:

•           Website type: website which sells bar game

•           Domain age: 61 days

•           Payment method: online payment

•           Custom service number:(757) 797-5977

•           Mail id:craggygames@gmail.com

•           SSL certificate valid

•           SSL type: Low – Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL)


•           It enables all kinds of payment.

•           The Website has all of the necessary pages.

•           The products offered online make the perfect pass time.


•           The trust score of the Website, based on a gimmick advisor, is about 30%.

•           No local delivery

•           No in-store pickup

•           No P.O boxes shipping

•           Suspicious Positive Rugged Games.com reviews

May be the Website legit or perhaps a scam?

Craggygame.com is definitely an online e-commerce site that sells bar games that they claim are eco-friendly. The domain is 61 days old. It’s a new website, but all of the owner’s details are given, which looks suspicious. They offer ring and hook bar games, and also the shipping is all around the USA.

The Website is really a new Morden site that does not attract lots of people as they do not offer an exciting range and kind of game created using among the best wood.

On Rugged games.com reviews, listed here are reviews regarding the caliber of the bar, that was more suspicious since the domain new, however the review was from December 2020. We found there’s not one other review concerning the Website, but those who purchase the game demonstrated lots of positive responses, which was tracked only on a single Website.

After searching in the reviews within the social networking, we discovered that the web site is participating in Facebook and Instagram, but nobody has rated the web site on these platforms. The Web Site appears suspicious to all of us.

What exactly are Rugged games.com reviews:

Review page was filled with the positive testimonials customer. There is as many as 36 reviews from the customer, that have been concerning the perfect craftsmanship, the caliber of the merchandise, and it is affordability. But we didn’t found any positive review on every other platform. The Facebook page wasn’t rated yet by customers.

Our analysis also states that to reply to Is rugged games.com legit it is important to discover all of the authentic reviews. We believe reviews that are positive on etsy.com could be manipulated, so we cannot depend in it.

Final word:

Rugged game is definitely an online bar game selling Website. Within our analysis, we could discover many 5-star ratings for that Website on one site.

However, the response are suspicious since they’re published prior to the domain age, and also the photos also look somewhat dubious to all of us we can’t trust this site. It features a low trust score, it’s not much famous Alexa, and Rugged games.com reviewsare false. So, this recently built website is suspicious.

Bar are the easiest method to keep the mind busy and active by looking into making it sharp. What’s your preferred kind of game? Remember to talk about it around.?