Chris Ayres, the voice actor in the film “Dragon Ball”, was you a fan? It’s not necessary to mention his incredible career as a voice actress in the United States or Japanese film industry. He is also a writer of film scripts and has made a tremendous contribution to the anime world.

He is well-known for his portrayal of “Frieza”, the Dragon Ball Z movie’s fictional character. Also known as Christopher Ayres Frieza he was an ADR director who started his career as a Dub in Kino’s Adventure.

Chris Ayres: The Personal Life Of Chris Ayres

Ayres, who was born in Richmond in 1965, is a native Virginian. At the age of six, Ayres started his stage acting career. Later, he worked in various regional productions. Saint Seiya, which he was a voice-actor in, was his first film.

They worked together initially and then formed a close relationship that they remained close to until the end. She was the one to tell the entire world the devastating news of Ayres’s demise.

Net Worth

Chris Ayres is a well-known voice actor who has been able to earn considerable fame as an actor as well as wealth. His net worth was about $1.5 billion. He has also been included on the Most Popular Voice Actors List. His main source of income was as an actor in voice.

Notable works of Christopher Ayres Frieza

Kino’s Journey: Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super Z: Broly and Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Ball Z are just a few of his most well-known films. His voice was also used in video games. The Remnant (2008), and The Dragon Ball Series (2010-2018) are some of his best-known roles in video games. The Dog Park: The Poke Calls is his last film as an actor voice.

He won the award of Best Male Vocal Performance in 2012 Staff Choice Award.


Chris Ayres, a patient with end-stage cardi obstructive lung disease (ESCOPD), was diagnosed in 2017. Since then, he has been in hospital. He posted about his declining health on social media. This elicited massive support from his fans. Christopher Ayres Frieza was also a recipient of a double lungs transplant and has been gravely ill ever since.

The situation did not improve, and he was pronounced dead on 18th October 2021. Krystan LaPorte (his girlfriend and partner) was with him, and shared the news via social media. It was an emotionally charged and adamant letter. Chris Ayres’s passing is an irreparable loss for anime film and voice-acting industry.


Christopher Ayres was an outstanding voice-actor who also served as ADR director and a scriptwriter. Most people will remember him for his voice in Dragon Ball’s “Frieza”. He was one the most successful and well-off voice actors in history, having earned over $11.5 billion.

After three years of battle against cardio obstructive, pulmonary disease, he finally died on October 20, 2021. Christopher Ayres Frieza IMDb Biography Page