The CCNP DevNet Associate Certification validates the acquisition of skills in DevOps, network programmability, and network automation, certifying the skills of a new IT professional increasingly necessary for companies wishing to make the most of the potential advantages of the automation process. Conceived and designed by Cisco to fill an ever-growing gap in the IT sector due to the rapid evolution of networks, the Cisco DevNet Associate certification represents the first step towards a career in the world of Network Automation.

The new CCNP DevNet Professional certification program prepares you for new professional roles aimed at intercepting changes in network and infrastructure paradigms. It approves the abilities of expert-level programming designers, DevOps engineers, computerization subject matter experts, and other programming experts. The program certifies emerging key technical skills for a new type of IT professional, essential for organizations to harness the potential of infrastructure automation in the Internet of Things (IoT), Data Center, Cloud, and DevOps in general. In particular, the 350-901 dumps and exam tests skills on topics such as software development, software design, using APIs, Cisco platforms, application deployment, and security, infrastructure, automation are the first step towards success.

Consistently we see an expanding interconnection between Software and Networking. IT experts can use computerization and DevOps to altogether improve their organizational framework. The chances of this worldview are conceivably boundless. In any case, in this new setting, there are insufficiently qualified experts. Assets need a more extensive scope of abilities and verticalization in essential innovation regions. The new DevNet Professional accreditation program was made to offer precisely this broadness and profundity. Cisco has planned the new DevNet Professional accreditation to assist the expert with showing those abilities required in the present consistently evolving situations.

350-901 DEVCOR exam;

  • Developing Applications using Cisco Core Platforms and APIs;
  • Exam Type: Core;
  • Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – DevNet Professional Core;
  • Cisco Certified DevNet Professional Certification exam part;

Validity and Renewal

  • Validity: 2 years
  • Renewal: You must pass one of the following exams before the expiration date:
  • the DEVCOR 350-901 exam
  • any other Associate-level exam
  • any professional concentration exam
  • any professional technology core exam
  • any CCIE exam laboratory

Basic Syllabus:

1.0 – Software Development and Design – 20%

1.1 – Describe distributed applications related to the concepts of front-end, back-end, and load balancing

1.2 – Evaluate an application design considering scalability and modularity

1.3 – Evaluate an application design considering high availability and resiliency (including on-premises, hybrid, and cloud)

2.0 – Using APIs – 20%

2.1 – Implement robust REST API error handling for time outs and rate limits

2.2 – Implement control flow of consumer code for unrecoverable REST API errors

2.3 – Identify ways to optimize API usage through HTTP cache controls

3.0 – Cisco Platforms – 20%

3.1 – Construct API requests to implement with Webex Teams API

3.2 – Construct API requests to create and delete objects using Firepower device management (FDM)

3.3 – Construct API requests using the Meraki platform to accomplish these tasks

4.0 – Application Deployment and Security – 20%

4.1 – Diagnose a CI/CD pipeline failure (such as missing dependency, incompatible versions of components, and failed tests)

4.2 – Integrate an application into a prebuilt CD environment leveraging Docker and Kubernetes

4.3 – Describe the benefits of continuous testing and static code analysis in a CI pipeline

5.0 – Infrastructure and Automation – 20%

5.1 – Explain considerations of model-driven telemetry (including data consumption and data storage)

5.2 – Utilize RESTCONF to configure a network device including interfaces, static routes, and VLANs (IOS XE only)

5.3 – Construct a workflow to configure network parameters.