Gerard Pique was allegedly the new partner of . He had a history of being a man by birth, and she underwent surgery to alter her gender. A Tiktok video has just been released in which a user said Clara Chia was transgender. The doctor responsible for the surgery was also accused of pointing out the former footballer to be the sponsor.

Rumours are not just being spread by the Tiktok. The allegations were also made by Milan, Shakira’s oldest son and Pique. Shakira posted a Live video with her children that showed her oldest son saying that Chia was born as an adult. Since then, the video has been deleted. Any reposts have yet to be discovered.

According to reports, the 2010 World Cup winner knew from the beginning about his partner’s sexuality. According to reports, he supported Chia during her surgery because he accepted her as she is.

Shakira asked Pique to wait until he saw someone else.

According to reports, the Colombian singer requested that her ex-partner wait one year before seeing another person. Shakira requested that Pique wait one year after the couple’s separation before seeing someone else.

But, Shakira’s demands were not met, and the 2012 Euros winner did exactly what he wanted. According to reports, the four-time champion league winner has a hold over media in BCN and paid for articles. According to reports, Shakira was “fuming” after photos of Chia and Pique sex at the Summerfest Cerdanya festival surfaced.

Since then, the Colombian singer has moved to Miami with her children. Recently, the “Queen of Latin Music”, shared a post to her social media accounts. After a difficult year, the post asks for privacy from media.