Vending machine making requires expertise in various fields. It is a combination of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, industrial designers and software engineers to create a functional and efficient vending machine. An estimation of US$134.4 billion of the global market was by using vending machines in 2020 and is said to be predicted that it will reach about US$146.6 Billion in 2027. According to the report, 1.3 % of CAGR is analyzed from 2020 to 2027. Machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies are incorporated in recent days when developing vending machines. Therefore real-time data collection can be assessed in making more efficient operations and supplying things to meet the customer’s desires. 

The  Automatic machine operates based on electronics engineering,  mechanical engineering,  and electrical engineering,  which is a  collectivity termed  Mechatronics.

Mobile POS module system is connected with vending machine system to read which is launched by China and completes the shopping function of China mobile

The speciality of Vending machine

Common items sold in vending machines are food, beverages, and cigarettes, but the list of speciality items sold by this form of automation is endless. A big jump around 2006 taken by the industry when credit card scanners became common on vending machines. Within 10 years, almost every new machine was equipped to accept credit cards, opening the door to the sale of mainly high-priced items.

Speciality products that have been offered via vending machines include:

  • Fish bait
  • Online Internet time
  • Lottery tickets
  • Books
  • Electronics, including iPads, cell phones, digital cameras, and computers 
  • Hot foods, such as french fries and pizza
  • Life insurance
  • Condoms and other contraceptives
  • Over-the-counter drugs
  • Marijuana
  • Automobiles

Custom vending machine

Creating a custom vending machine involves designing and manufacturing a vending machine tailored to specific requirements and needs. Here are the following ways involved in designing a custom vending machine;

Define requirements: Specific purpose and functionality of the custom vending machine are determined. Types of product services to be offered.

Conceptualization and Design: Detailed design plan based on the requirements is to be created. The layout, storage compartments, product dispensing mechanism, payment system, user interface, and any unique features or branding elements are to be considered.

Engineering and prototyping: Engaging mechanical engineers who will work together to design mechanical structures, electrical components, and software systems required for the vending machine.

Manufacturing: Once the design and prototype have been finalized, proceed with manufacturing the custom vending machine. This process includes fabrication, assembly, wiring, and installation of vending machine components.

Payment system integration: the chosen payment is to be integrated into the custom vending machine. This can include all types of payments. And the assurance of compatibility and reliability of the payment system with the design of the machine.

User interface development: A user-friendly interface that allows interaction with customers. This involves designing a touchscreen display, keypad, or a combination of buttons and indicators.

Product dispensing mechanism: Incorporate a reliable and accurate product dispensing mechanism. This involves motors, or robotic arms to dispense products from the storage compartments.

Software development: Development of software and firmware that controls the overall operation of custom vending machines. His includes transaction processing, remote monitoring, inventory management, and data analytics.

Testing and quality assurance: Conduct thorough testing to ensure the custom vending machine functions correctly and meets the specific requirements.

Installation and maintenance: install the custom vending machine at the desired location. Establish a maintenance plan to ensure regular keep-up, including cleaning, restocking and addressing any technical issues that may arise.

Therefore, custom vending machines are different in many ways from standard vending machines as they are readily available from manufacturers who produce and distribute them to various locations.


Research shows the annual sales value of vending machines industry in Spain between 2010 and 2020. Hence, vending machines are very useful and less time taking than going out to marts for shopping. They are low maintenance and easy to use. As for profit, it is a great investment and one can earn a lot from just buying one Vending machine.