Black seed oil is a supplement extracted from the seed of Nigella sativa which is a flowering plant that is commonly grown in native southwest Asia. For many years, the seeds of the plant have been used in managing various ailments. For example, they are commonly used in managing skin disorders and digestive issues. The improvement of technology has made it possible to extract oil from the seeds to make black seed oil supplement. The supplement can be taken in liquid form and in capsules.

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Benefits of Black Seed Oil: Black seed oil has been used for various reasons. This is due to the many health benefits the supplement offers. From weight loss to hair growth, the list is endless. Here are some of the common benefits of black seed oil.

Helps in Weight Loss: Some studies have found black seed oil may assist in reducing the BMI of people with obesity and those with type 2 diabetes. However, there are still no conclusive findings on how and why black seed oil reduces the body mass index. Apart from losing weight, black seed oil can also help in maintaining a healthy weight.  Before using black seed oil for weight loss, ensure you first talk to a medical practitioner for direction. Black seed oils should not be used exclusively while trying to maintain or lose weight. Using black seed oil together with other weight loss techniques increases the chance of one losing weight.

Reduces High Blood Pressure: Another advantage of using black seed oil is that it can aid in lowering blood pressure. A study found that adults taking half a teaspoon of black seed oil twice a day experienced a significant improvement in their blood pressure levels.  One of the reasons that scientists have put forward is that it could be due to the thymoquinone compound found in black seed oil. Thymoquinone is an anti-inflammation compound hence it helps in the management of blood pressure.

Promote Hair Growth: The black seed oil has been found to naturally restore and promote hair growth. The oil has a thymoquinone compound that is a powerful antihistamine. Antihistamines are often prescribed to individuals suffering from alopecia to help regrow their hair. To make it more effective, the supplement should be used with other hair products such as coconut oil. For those whose skin may react with black seed oil, there are black cumin seed capsules such as the Orzax Black Seed Oil Capsules 1000 mg – 90 Softgel Capsules that can be swallowed.

Improves Sperm Count: This is good news for men as some scientists have discovered that black seed oil can improve sperm count for those men who have been diagnosed with infertility.  Low sperm count is one of the common conditions that affect men with infertility. Studies show that taking 2.5ml of black seed per day can improve sperm count and mobility. Apart from improving sperm count, black seed oil has also been found to boost sexual desire. The oil promotes hormonal balance and as a result, boosts libido.

Conclusion: The benefits of black seed oil are numerous and it is why the oil is used by different people across the globe. The oil improves some of the common health problems, high blood pressure, obesity, and many others. You should however not misuse or overuse the supplement as it may experience adverse side effects. It is always best that you consult a physician before you start using any supplement.