Ba Na Hill tourism is always the number 1 choice of everyone when coming to Da Nang. With Ba Na’s travel experience, Threeland Travel will provide you with all the information you need about Ba Na Hill tourism, such as:  How to travel to Ba Na Hill? How is the transportation? Where can you buy cable car tickets? How much does it cost to eat? What are the most beautiful places to visit in Ba Na? We will assist you in fully grasping the experience so you can confidently explore this location on the most enjoyable and reasonable day.

Ba Na has many world records because of its unique architecture and beautiful new entertainment spots. When visiting Ba Na, you will experience the weather of four different seasons in one day. The weather is excellent from the fanciful mist that surrounds you in the morning. The midday sun is like summer, covering everything but still relatively calm, the afternoon is as fantastic as autumn, and the night is as cold as winter. Visiting Da Nang and Ba Na Hill is a unique experience.

Ba Na Hills is 35 kilometers southwest of Da Nang city and is at the height of 1500 meters above sea level, so the climate is exceptionally cool, similar to Da Lat city. This location is home to many beautiful and rare flowers. They will undoubtedly leave you speechless at Ba Na Flower Garden. People still refer to the Ba Na Hills as the “Road to Fairyland,” when visiting Ba Na, you will be standing on white clouds in a blurry space like a fairyland.


You can visit Ba Na Hill at any time of year, but according to Ba Na’s travel experience, the best time to visit is still between March and September, when Da Nang is less rainy and sunny, convenient for travel and taking photos.

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December or January is also an excellent time to visit Ba Na Hills. If you come between September and November, watch out for rain and be ready. April to August is the peak tourist season in Ba Na Hills, so you can choose this time if you are a bustling person. 

In short, Ba Na Hills is one of the few tourist destinations in vietnam that you can visit at any time of year, and each has its distinct beauty. This is the Ba Na travel experience that you must have if you are going to Da Nang to visit this place.

Operating time of Ba Na Hills 

People are interested in this to make calculations for a trip to the Ba Na Hills. According to the most recent announcement on the Ba Na Hills website, the cable car’s operating hours are as follows:

  • Morning: The cable car starts operating at 08:00 every day
  • Afternoon: The cable car stops working at 17:00 every day

Therefore, after 5 pm, if people do not come down, they will have to stay on Ba Na Hills. The room rates are expensive when only available if you book in advance. According to Ba Na Hills travel experience, You should book a tour because the cost will be more affordable and the visiting time will be very comfortable. Going with a guide helps you understand this place better and saves much more money than going alone.

Cable car ticket price Ba Na Hill Tourism 2023

From January 1, 2023, to March 31, 2023, the two-way cable car ticket (going up and going down) officially sold by Ba Na Hill was 850,000 VND, and children with a height of 1m-1m4 cost 700,000 VND. Children under 1m are free 100%.

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Three best means of transportation to travel to Ba Na Hills

You can now travel in various ways because the road to Ba Na Hill is lovely and feasible. Cars and motorcycles are the most practical modes of transportation to Ba Na.

  • By car: You can take a taxi, grab or rent a car with a driver, or even rent a self-drive car. But with taxis, it will typically be the most expensive because Da Nang has some of the highest taxi fares in the nation. If you take a cab, consider making deals for the package price. Da Nang to Ba Na 4-seat two-way car package fare is only 650.000 VND. 
  • A motorbike is a practical and affordable mode of transportation better suited for even young people. Many exciting things about visiting Ba Na Hills on a motorcycle are worth trying. However, everyone should be aware of starting early and carefully research the route. To avoid waiting in long lines to buy tickets, which is very time-consuming and labor-intensive, you should ask the hotel or call the Ba Na Hills hotline directly for information about booking cable car tickets in advance.

Experience all four seasons in one day in Ba Na Hills 

As mentioned, the most impressive thing about visiting Ba Na Hills will be the profound weather experience with four distinct seasons in 1 day. This is a really special thing that you can barely find elsewhere. 

  • Morning: The cool climate from the misty mountain mist surrounding you will make you feel like spring is spreading.
  • Midday: The summer sun will shine brilliantly on Ba Na, but the air is still pleasantly cool and fresh. 
  • Afternoon: From 15:00 to 18:00, the area will experience a brief autumnal atmosphere. 
  • Evening: Ba Na space is cloud-covered from dusk until night, giving you the impression that winter is approaching and it will be bitterly cold. In the cold, visitors will not want to go somewhere. Instead, they’ll want to curl up by the fireplace with a glass of wine to warm up from the inside out.

Ba Na Hills is full of fascinating things just waiting to be discovered. Here are the top 10 Ba Na Hills attractions you must see during your Da Nang tour. 

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1. Sightseeing on the Ba Na Hills cable car

When the cable car reaches the top of the mountain at the height of more than 1,000 meters, you can experience and view the entire vast space of Ba Na as a perfect picture with clouds, mountains, and majestic waterfalls below. The cable car then passes through the clouds when it reaches a certain height and the weather is favorable. You will feel as if you are in a fairy tale while admiring the moments of the Ba Na cable car ride.

2. Ba Na Hills Golden Hand Bridge – famous all over the world

The first images of the golden bridge, a new construction that opened to welcome visitors at Sun World Ba Na Hills, were revealed in early June 2018, jolting the entire tourism community. Da Nang has no shortage of places to visit, but the newest bridge will leave you speechless.

(image source: kevinandamanda)

The Golden Bridge, situated in the Ba Na tourist area at 1414 meters above sea level, is very impressively constructed, drawing a charming curve in the middle of the sky that is almost 150 meters long. The wonderful experience of walking in the clouds has made the Golden Palm Bridge a very appealing new tourist destination. The Golden Bridge on the Ba Na Hills is now a major tourist attraction that draws visitors worldwide, not just from Vietnam. Suddenly, the Ba Na Hills created a special highlight floating in the sky. A brand-new, impressive structure deserves to be included on the list of the newest tourist attractions in Da Nang that visitors shouldn’t miss. According to Ba Na Hill’s travel experience, please come and immediately experience the feeling of walking in the air and touching the clouds in the sky!

3. Linh Ung Ba Na Hills pagoda on the top of Chua mountain

When visiting Ba Na Hills, you must visit Linh Ung Pagoda, a revered temple. The pagoda is situated at a height of almost 1,500 meters above sea level. You can see the majestic Ba Na mountains and forests from the pagoda’s gate if the sky is clear. If you’re lucky, you might even experience a feeling when there is a sea of white, floating clouds in front of you, and it feels like you are in the sky.

(Image source: trip)

A 27-meter-tall Shakyamuni Buddha statue that portrays the life of the founder of Buddhism in eight reliefs was meticulously carved next to the temple. Most likely, the highest-elevation pagoda in Vietnam, the Linh Ung pagoda, is located on Ba Na Hill.

 4. Adventure with the Climbing Train

Before visiting the Debay ancient wine cellar, Le Jardin d’amour flower garden, and Linh Ung pagoda, visitors will take a short trip on the Garaventa mountain train from Debay station (made from Switzerland). Accommodate 80 people per cabin moving through a cable route over 400m long, reaching a speed of 5m/s and an operating capacity of 1600 guests/hour. Only when visiting Ba Na Hills, will you have the opportunity to explore the vast mountainside while sitting on the mountain train, which will undoubtedly provide you with unforgettable experiences. 

  • Operating time: 8:00 am – 4:45 pm.
  • There is a train every 15 minutes
  • Ticket price: Cable car tickets have been combined with free train tickets.

5. Ba Na Hills Le Jardin d’amour flower garden

Le Jardin d’amour Ba Na Hills flower garden is a place that visitors will surely love, especially women. There are nine gardens with various flowers and themes, including Suoi Mo Garden, Memory Garden, Mythical Garden, Eden Garden, Sacred Garden, Vineyard, Uyen Uong Garden, Thought Garden, and Mysterious Garden. Each garden has its own unique beauty that you must discover.

(Image source: sun world)

6. Ba Na Hills Debay Wine Cellar

Visitors can visit the Debay Wine Cellar on Ba Na Hill, constructed by the French and has been well-brewed in the mountain for nearly 100 years. Since this location consistently maintains a temperature between 14 and 18 degrees Celsius, the wine is precious and delicious. With this process, the wine will be perfect for your health, making you highly excited to enjoy it. 

7. Lost in the Ba Na Hills French Village, a small corner of Europe

When you arrive at the French village perched atop the Ba Na Hills, you will be able to see a variety of original French-inspired architectural creations. With classic and modern scenes, this location makes you admire and fall in love. It is specially designed like a miniature version of the city of Paris and has a lot of charming modern architecture. The French village is where one square meter creates dozens of artistic photographs. Invite your family and friends to view these fascinating architectural creations.

8. The largest Ba Na Hills Wax Museum in Vietnam

Entering the Fantasy Park, the Wax Museum is on the left side you enter. This is the place to display the largest wax model in Vietnam, with statues identical to famous people in the world. Sometimes, when you come here, you might be surprised to see a wax figure you thought was a “real” someone standing next to you. 

(image source: klook)

9. Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park 

A theme park with various genres, from relaxing to frightful, from joy to fear, and almost all of the games there are free. Except for games with prizes, in which you need to buy coins to participate. You should spend about an hour playing all of the games here. It will undoubtedly help you relieve all of your weariness. There are also many rides and games for children and 4D and 5D cinemas for young people who enjoy watching movies.

(image source: tripspoint)

Here are some games you should try:

  • Free fall tower
  • Climbing
  • Haunted house: The house for those who want to challenge their psychology.
  • Dinosaur House: This area is very suitable for children
  • Watch 4D, 5D movies: This place is often crowded and has to queue
  • Tube slide: This game is outside the amusement park, but it is a must try. Ask around if you can’t find it, or the staff will emerge right away.

10. Experience conquering Ba Na Hill on Chua Mountain

Lau Chuong is the highest location in the Ba Na Hills. To fully experience Ba Na Hills’ attractions, this is the location you want to visit the most. At noon, when the fog has cleared, you can stand atop Lau Chuong and take in the entire majestic and stunning landscape of Ba Na. According to Ba Na tourism experience, you should arrive here around 11 am because arriving a little later will be full of people, preventing you from climbing up to take in the full view of Ba Na Hill comfortably. You can even see the Son Tra Peninsula if the weather is nice.

What to eat when traveling to Ba Na Hills?

With a famous tourist destination like Ba Na Hills, food is more expensive than Da Nang city center.  So what to eat when traveling to Ba Na Hills?

According to Ba Na Hill travel experience, buffet dining on Ba Na Hill is still the most affordable. The best options will be the AraPang restaurant or the Buffet Lavender. For 350,000 VND for adults and 210,000 VND for children, you can select 100 dishes from a menu including Western and Asian cuisine. Two restaurants’ advantages include large interiors and menus appropriate for adults and children.

Both Ba Na Hill Buffet Restaurants are only open from 12 a.m. to 2 p.m., so keep that in mind. Avoid the situation where you arrive after the time when food runs out, and the ticket cannot be refunded. 

Note:  Can visitors bring food when traveling to Ba Na Hill?

Starting from October 1, 2018, Ba Na Hills regulates that food and water are not allowed to be brought in to protect the environment. There are rules, and they will be thoroughly checked before getting on the cable car.

Hotel to stay when traveling to Ba Na Hills overnight

Most people will travel to Ba Na in the morning and return to the city center of Da Nang in the evening.

  • Should visitors spend one night in the Ba Na Hills?

Few visitors choose to spend the night while visiting Ba Na. However, staying one night on Ba Na Hill during the trip to Da Nang is also interesting if you have time. However, spending the night in a hotel in Ba Na is pretty expensive.

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  • Which hotel should you stay at when traveling to Ba Na?

Before, many high-end hotels were built on Ba Na Hill to serve tourists. But few people stay overnight, so the Ba Na Hill Tourist Area has torn down many hotels to build new attractions. Now, only one 5-star hotel is left, the Mercure Bana Hills Village.

6 most unique festivals of Ba Na Hill tourist area

  1. Traveling to Ba Na Hill to enjoy the hydrangea festival

The hydrangea flower festival on Ba Na Hills will make you feel like you are lost in a fairy tale with so many blooming flowers. The poetic scenery of flowers will surely make you admire and will definitely get photos of a lifetime.

  1. Traveling to Ba Na Hill to participate in the Masquerade Festival

You can participate in the unique Masquerade Festival above when visiting Ba Na tourism from April to September at Du Dome square in the French village. With 60 dancers from various nations worldwide, this festival is held daily to spread joy and excitement.  Many distinctive costumes make the scene at Ba Na Hill lively just like in the movie.

(image source: centralvietnamguide)

  1. Travelling to Ba Na Hill, immerses in the Wine Festival

This is definitely an extremely attractive festival for wine lovers. Visiting Ba Na Hills will be an excellent opportunity for you to learn about how the best wines in the world are made and immerse yourself in the flavors of Ba Na Hills. This festival is held from May to the end of July. There will be many priceless wines available for purchase and for visitors to taste for free at different times when they visit Ba Na Hill during this occasion. Hurry up to get a glass of premium wine for free! 

  1. Travelling to Ba Na Hill and get drunk with B’estival Beer Festival

You can participate in the biggest beer festival in Vietnam when visiting Ba Na Hill. Free beer and delectable French cuisine are two of the many exciting events at the B’estival Beer Festival. Or see demonstrations of European-style fencing. Those who enjoy dancing and crowds shouldn’t miss the unique festival in the Ba Na Hills!

(image source: danangfantasticity)

  1. Traveling to Ba Na Hill, dressing up for Halloween Festival

Spoil yourself at the Halloween festival in Ba Na Hills. The ghost scene in the French village is made to be scary to see how brave you are if you dare to go inside. The festival will last until the end of October 2022, giving visitors to Ba Na Hill many fun things to do.

(image source: congthuong)

  1. Traveling to Ba Na Hill to enjoy the cold of the Winter Festival

On Ba Na Hills, the weather becomes considerably cold as winter approaches the Tet holiday and occasionally drops below 10 degrees Celsius. Please remember to dress warmly when visiting Ba Na to prevent colds.

(image source: danangprivatecar)

Because at the end of the year, there are always interesting things to do on Ba Na Hills, including a very interesting Winter Festival. Santa Claus is everywhere, and the Christmas scenes are sparkling. You will enjoy the Christmas atmosphere as if you were in the heart of the West, right in Vietnam. The highlight of the festival is the highly anticipated ice show.

NOTE: A few travel experiences when traveling to Ba Na Hill 2022

  • It is prohibited to bring food and drink to Ba Na Hill.
  • The journey in Ba Na Hill lasts approximately six hours. Visitors should leave by 7 a.m. to buy tickets.
  • Since booking a hotel on Ba Na is not recommended due to the high cost, the last cable car ride of the day is at 9 p.m.
  • It is advised to find the cable car’s operating hours to avoid long lines. The cable car ride between stations 1 and 2 in Ba Na Hills is free of charge.

Hopefully, Threeland Travel’s experiences on traveling to one of the most popular tourist destinations in Da Nang city, which is Ba Na Hills, will help you get the first hand preparation and understanding when planning your trip. Remember to follow Threeland Travel for more information on our diverse Vietnam tour package, many new destinations, and valuable travel experiences.