Anything under the sun is a topic that can be explored in anime. You can find a show or movie on anything, whether it focuses on the boring aspects of everyday life or is packed with out-of-this-world technology and fantastical elements. In addition to that, tennis is appropriate. Unsurprisingly, a major portion of the industry is comprised of sports-themed anime. These may not be as popular as slice of life content, but they are entertaining, engaging, and, if you are a tennis lover, they will blow your mind. There have been a few tennis-related animes produced over the years, but it can be challenging to track them down. I’m going to rank my favorites, and talk a little bit about what it is about each one that I think makes it so fantastic, in this list.


Let’s begin with Usakame as our first subject. For the benefit of those who aren’t already aware, Usakame is a spin-off of another Tennis anime, the name of which I’ll reveal further down the list. The story of Usakame focuses on four members of a high school tennis club who compete against each other. Because there are so many different people to keep track of, this may be a challenging experience. In the end, it is still a spinoff! If you are searching for something to watch that won’t take too much of your time or something to satisfy your craving for tennis anime that is easygoing and carefree, then this is something you should check out. Regrettably, in my opinion, the animation style used in this series is really strange. In a terrible way, I mean. In addition, the quality of the writing is inconsistent. There isn’t much logic to the jokes, and there isn’t much character development either. Jokes are being thrown all over the place. If you are still able to dig it, or if you are a fan of tennis series, it is possible that you will still appreciate this.


Even if it’s a manga series, Moving on is still an excellent book series. The protagonist is a young woman named Miyuki Umino, who is a tennis prodigy and begins on a career as a tennis player in order to pay off a massive amount of debt. And here’s something even more shocking: the yakuza loan sharks have threatened to turn her into a prostitute if she doesn’t pay back the money. Whoa alert. Absolutely, I am aware of what is going through your head. What does the title mean if the story is about something tragic? That brings the total number of us to two. Notwithstanding of the fact that it contains a great deal of serious drama, this is a very nice anime. Even though it isn’t your normal sports anime with all the glitz and superhuman moves on the court, this one has a lot of depth and a really excellent story. If you think it seems like something you would enjoy, then you should choose Happy!

Ultra Maniac

With Ultra Maniac, let’s get into the spirit of the romantic comedy about the magical girl. Don’t be concerned; this one is just what you were expecting: a humorous tale. Ayu Tateishi is the protagonist of this story. She is a casual, peaceful, and cool girl who is a member of the local tennis club. It turns out that this whole thing is just a ruse on his part to impress the girl he has a crush on. When we meet the second heroine, Nina Sakura, who turns out to be an unskilled witch-in-training, everything changes. If you’re keeping up with me here, keep up with me. As she enters the picture, everything undergoes a transformation. This marks the beginning of their friendship as well as their exciting trip. To tell you the truth, the story is surprisingly enjoyable. The characters have a lot of depth, and it’s exciting to cheer for them. Obviously, it has all the typical magical girl love triangle tropes that are typical of stories in this genre. But Magical Girl fans as a whole are really enjoying it, and I can say the same thing.

Stars Align

The story of Stars Align centers on Maki Katsuragi, a superb tennis player who transfers schools and takes over the leadership of a faltering tennis club at the new school he attends. Toma Shinjo, the team’s captain, puts forth a lot of effort to keep the group together, and he is given a glimmer of hope when Maki steps up to the plate and does exceptionally well despite the fact that he is an amateur. This is more of a drama anime than it is a sports anime, if you want to be technical about it. To tell you the truth, I’m not sure which one it is. In this narrative, many different societal issues are discussed, and I believe that they are portrayed accurately. In the background, the sport acts as a supporting plot device. What more apt way is there to describe the challenges that life throws at you? What about sports?


The plot of Softenni is nothing particularly remarkable, yet the anime is nonetheless really fantastic. The story focuses on students in middle school and the challenges they face on their route to competing at the national level in tennis. The ups and downs, and unexpected turns and twists, that occur in the lives of young people are the subject of a significant portion of the episodes in this series. Excellent work was done on the animation. It’s hilarious, slapsticky, and a whole lot of fun, not to mention really entertaining. It is endearing and, without a doubt, well-liked by the anime community. And the ecchi components simply serve to make the whole thing even more bizarre. Have a look at the demonstration episode and let us know what you think about it.


If you’ve experienced Softenni and thought it was bizarre, you should get yourself ready for Teekyu since it’s even more bizarre. This anime is absolutely insane in every way. And if you’re a lover of anime, you already know that I mean that in a complimentary sense. The story of Teekyu focuses on a group of four students at Kamiedo High School who are involved in the school’s tennis club. And please be patient with the story because it is about to get quite insane! The plot revolves around a cast of peculiar individuals and the exciting exploits they get up to. They might go skiing one day and then offer assistance to an extraterrestrial the next. Repeat viewings are highly recommended for this entertaining anime. In addition, I assure you that the characters are always operating at full speed. Likewise, their adventures continue. This is the anime for you if you want ones that are completely off the wall.

Aim for the Ace!

Now we’re getting into the major championships of the game. The top three entries on this list are well-known not only among fans of sports anime but also among fans of anime in general. The first game is called “Aim for the Ace!” This manga series was originally published in the 1970s, and it has since been adapted into a number of anime episodes, films, original video animations, and even a television drama. It follows the life of Hiromi Oka, a high school girl who dreams of making it big in the world of professional tennis. It would appear to be quite easy. The plot is filled with relatable problems that young people face in real life, so readers should anticipate a lot of action. That is possibly the most compelling argument for purchasing it. Yet, due to the fact that it is one of the shojo mangas that has sold the most copies in history, it is regarded as a classic and has had a significant amount of impact.

 Baby Steps

If you were to ask fans of tennis anime to name the series that they believe should be placed at the top of the rankings, you would most likely only hear two titles: Prince of Tennis and Baby Steps. In all honesty, this could easily be interchanged with that due to the fact that both of these things are ridiculously wonderful for various reasons. On the other hand, I think Baby Steps should take second place on this list. The story of Baby Steps follows an honor student named Eiichiro Maruo. One day, he realizes that he does not get enough exercise and makes the decision to join a tennis club. This marked the beginning of his career in the sport. You know that the manga is good because it won the award for best manga in the 38th Edition of Kodansha, so you can find something to love about it here. It’s possible that the anime won’t take the path that a typical sports anime would go if you watch it. Yet in all honesty, it is what makes it such a wonderful thing. When the challenges of each character, particularly Maruo, are translated into a superbly structured plot and combined with a great art style, it has the feeling of being the ideal recipe for an anime series based on tennis.

The Prince of Tennis

The title of Prince of Tennis was finally won. And with good reason, as it is one of the anime on our list that has been adapted and expanded the most. Prince of Tennis is not only a well-liked sports anime; the franchise has also spawned a number of mangas, anime films, television series, a large number of original video animations (OVAs), and even a live-action film. It is an anime that had a significant impact on the entire genre. The plot of the story begins when Ryoma enrolls at Seigaku Junio High School on his way to achieving his goal of becoming the best tennis player in all of Japan. The narrative of Ryoma’s life, in which he strives to break free from the shadow cast by his illustrious father, is endearing enough to hold your attention. The thrill is increased thanks to his squad and all of the obstacles that lie ahead of them. The first episode of this series aired in 1999, making it one of the earliest examples of a sports anime to feature impressive skills on the court. Consider Kuroko’s Basketball if you’re one of the show’s more recent admirers. But for tennis. It has fantastic animation, matchups that are both entertaining and exciting, and a lengthy journey that anyone, on some level, can identify with. It’s one of the most awesome sports animes ever made, and if you’re a lover of tennis, you should absolutely check it out. Enjoy!Want to learn more about sports other than Tennis? We suggest UK Football! Check out for the latest news about UK Football.