If you ask around, everyone will have their own advice for what makes the best seasonal photography. Some of the tips will be ones that will work well for you but there may be others that really don’t. Different seasons bring their own unique challenges when it comes to photography. Therefore, if you want to use your time wisely to capture the best images possible then you need to understand exactly what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t, so that you don’t waste a single moment. 

Take a look at a platform like ClickASnap and you will see plenty of different examples of great seasonal photography. You may even see some clever examples of the same landscapes taken in different seasons. If these are the type of images that you are hoping to produce, then read on for our advice on how to take the best seasonal photography. 

Choose the right time of day 

Different seasons will present you with different lighting at different times of day, so it is important to do your research. Summer will offer you brighter light for longer whilst winter may be duller for most of the day. Even the sunsets and sunrises will offer you different conditions for photography. This isn’t to say that there are better seasons to take your photographs but rather that you will get different results if you try to take the same photograph across each season. Consider what type of mood you are looking for with your image and plan the best time of day to try shooting your photographs. 

Sunrises and sunsets

Arguably the best season for taking the best sunrises and sunsets is winter. For a start, the timing of both is usually more favourable than it is during the summer months. Whilst many people prefer to spend most of the colder months of winter wrapped up warm inside, they are in fact the perfect time to head outside. The days are shorter, and the timings are almost certainly better than the rest of the year with later sunrises allowing you to stay in bed longer and earlier sunsets offering you the chance to capture your shot much quicker. 


If you are looking for spectacular colour, then autumn is the season when you will want to be heading out with your camera in search of that perfect shot. Catch the time just right and the leaves will still be on the trees but changing colour, offering you a wide range of colour in the same landscape. Combine this with a still body of water and the effects can be truly stunning. Don’t forget all the smaller elements that make autumn so special, there is plenty of wildlife around at this time of year that can really capture the essence of the season. 

Changes in light

Changes in the weather and dramatic lighting can happen at any time of the year. A beautiful sunny sky can quickly change to one filled with dark and foreboding storm clouds, providing you with a stunning backdrop for your photography no matter the season. However, the dramatic clouds you get in the summer months, when the weather can quickly change to stormy, even on the brightest day, can offer you some of the most dramatic contrasts you can find. This could be perfect for taking some rather incredible photographs. 

Of course this also means that there may also be a fleeting opportunity to capture an elusive rainbow in your images as well. So if the weather looks like it is about to change, don’t rush home, sit it out and see what you can capture.