We all know that a home is a place where our heart is, so why not give it some extra love? Your home decor says a lot about you, it is after all an extension of your personality. There are endless options when it comes to home decoration items. All one needs is the right eye for details and our fabulous guide where we have curated 9 fabulous home décor trends that are becoming everyone’s favourite in 2022. 

Bold Patterns and Colors

Bold colours are making a comeback in 2022! Canary Yellow, Crimson Red, Matte Black, Tangerine Orange and magenta. have outshined the neutrals because they add vibrancy and enhance the physical characteristics of a place. Such colours intensify the aesthetic scope of the home decoration items and increase the options to put in almost everything on those beautiful walls. Metal Wall Art, wall paintings for home and canvas wall art paintings, wall mirrors pair beautifully with bold and vibrant walls!

Traditional Details

Traditional home decoration items are a great way to showcase the diverse art forms from different parts of India. Hand-painted lamps, aesthetic wall paintings for home, and traditional motifs and designs can create lively and joyful spaces. Blue painting pottery and colourful block printed curtains and bedsheets are in vogue. Traditional details when mixed with contemporary designs will not only elevate the beauty of your room but also lighten up your mood after a tiring day.


Sustainable furniture and home decoration items is rapidly gaining popularity. It is after all, great for the environment as well as your home in more ways than one. It uses recycled materials, ensures longevity durability, and excellent quality. Plus, there are obvious added bonuses like style & comfort! Sustainable products that are long-lasting, like fine furniture, handmade metal art and rugs made of high-quality materials will bring the best returns on your investment. Well crafted metal wall art that stands the test of time or wooden tables with beautifully finishing will add beauty and function for years to come. The attractive appearance and comfort of a room full of sustainable furnishings and home decoration items leads to greater happiness at home Continue reading kitchen designs Auckland.

 Multifunctional Spaces and Home Décor

The modern world calls for modern ideas when it comes to home décor. In the era of open-plan homes, our rooms and home décor can be used for many different purposes. In the kitchen, islands can be both dining room and workstation. Offices double as guest bedrooms and transform into dens. Nesting marbled centre tables can be used individually and as a set of two tables in different rooms. When it comes to creating multifunctional spaces, less is more. Mix and match your home decoration items like metal wall art or lovely paintings, add your unique flair and invest in multipurpose furnishings and furniture to create a fabulous new look for your home. 

Sculptured and curved furniture

Furniture holds the foremost priority when it comes to home décor and it is important to choose the right kind of furniture that is not only contemporary and beautiful but also trendy. Today, sculpted and curved furniture like curved chairs, ottomans, and sofas are creating waves. The curved design along with sculpted patterns make them adaptable to all your needs at home and also help you make a style statement. 

Vintage décor

Vintage vibes remain perennial no matter what trends come and go. Vintage home decoration items remain the classic favourite of the times. These include the old British-style wall clocks, metal wall art, vintage wall paintings for the home, ornamental storage jars, and antique floor lamps. These unusual home décor items make everyone admire the picturesque beauty of a home in all aspects. They not only take us back to the times of lavish and luxurious lifestyles but allow us to live one. Combine vintage with some traditional or vintage style with something contemporary to create a beautiful amalgamation of two worlds. Your home will definitely look magnificent. 

Travel inspired décor

Modern home décor trends feature travel-themed décor and furnishings which depict your love for travel and inspires wanderlust. Canvas wall paintings showcasing art forms from all over the world, putting up maps on the walls that talk about your adventures, and decorating home with beautiful souvenirs like fridge magnets, wall paintings for home or handmade artefacts add a personal touch to your space. In 2022, let your imagination go wild and create vibrant spaces thoughtfully curated with home decoration items and furnishings that showcase your love for travelling. 

Textured surfaces 

Textured surfaces have made their comeback in the year 2022 and are one of the most popular trends all around! For the design community, it is hard to imagine a wall not being textured. They, after all, make a room look elegant, classy and supremely sophisticated. Textures also add an extra dimension to wall designs and add an intimate ambience to your space. Whether abstract designs, floral designs, rough patterns, sandy or grainy patterns, texture on your walls will add an aesthetic touch to our home. Pair it with lovely wall paintings for home or awe-inspiring metal wall art and your space will look absolutely magnificent. So, if you are looking for something refreshingly different, consider textured surfaces! 

Home Bars

Home bars are the best modern innovation! They not allow you to keep all your extensive wine collection intact but also meet all your entertainment needs. There are so many options to choose from! If you want something compact for your apartment then mini wall bars are perfect or if you are looking for something extravagant then a bar in the cabinet, floating bottle storage or pull-out drawer can be your choice.  All the vibes that these home bars give are about great conversations, amazing companions, and good times. 

We hope you loved reading about the snazziest and most popular home décor trends of 2022! We at Dekor Company are committed to making your home look its best. Go through our catalogue of fabulous furniture and luxurious home decoration items today. We are sure you will be inspired to redesign your home!