Years of studying and hard work have paid off, and your loved one is now ready to graduate from college. It is a remarkable milestone that must be celebrated as the graduate deserves appreciation for all the effort and must be given a quality gift to let them know you are proud of their achievement. 

So, if you are also planning to surprise a college graduate with a unique and memorable gift, you may be searching for unique ideas. To help you search for the perfect gift, we have compiled a few unforgettable gift ideas for your college graduate. 


Your college graduate has closed one chapter of their life and is ready to enter the next. Why not mark the occasion with a new laptop or a smartphone they have been eyeing for a long time but cannot buy for themselves? If your budget allows, a gadget is a great gift idea. Whether a new smartphone or a laptop, it can help them with their post-graduation studies, finding a job, or doing online work.

Home Furniture or Décor

If the graduate is ready to move out of the house and set up their own space, you can help them in the setting up process by contributing towards buying some furniture or décor items. If you know their preference in terms of colors or designs, get something they will like. It will make for a great housewarming present and remind them of you whenever they look at it.

A Planner

Whatever the graduate plans to do once they have passed, a planner is a great way to help them become more organized. You will find several useful planners with a well-designed layout divided according to days, weeks, and months. There are also reusable planners with erasable ink that can be synced with cloud services, so the graduate can use them for years to come, save important dates and information and keep their affairs in order.

Their First Coffee Machine

Regular coffee consumption is a rite of passage for most adults. Help your college graduate transition into their new role by getting them something that symbolizes their official entry into adulthood and a life of independence and responsibilities. What better way to convey this than getting them their first coffee machine? Every morning that first cup of coffee will remind them of you and the reason for the present.

A Memorable Diploma Frame

College diploma frames are a great way to exhibit and show off their accomplishments. A handcrafted frame with space to adorn the graduation commencement tassel is a great way to showcase your college graduate’s successful completion of their degree. It will also reflect your admiration for their hard work and achievement. 

Customized Jewelry

Got a jewelry lover? We have just the right idea for you. Get a custom-designed jewelry piece for the new graduate. You can opt for a customized necklace, bracelet, or any other piece that will last them for years. The customization could include adding their name, initials, date of birth, graduation day, or a special message you want to convey to them.

A Memorable Getaway

After all the hard work and stress due to exams, the new graduates deserve some relaxing time. You can sponsor a trip they want to go on with their friends. If the new grad is moving away for higher studies or a new job and will be leaving their family and home behind, you can plan a family getaway to celebrate their accomplishment and make beautiful memories before they leave their abode. 

Customized Graduation Award

Their institution may be awarding them with a certificate or diploma, but you can make the celebration extra special by having a customized graduation award made specifically for them. It can display their name and year of graduation and will be your way of recognizing their achievement. Whether displayed in their room or on their office table, it will always remind them of their success. 

Final Thoughts

Gifts are a great way to celebrate the new milestone in your college grad’s life and convey felicitations on their accomplishment. When choosing a gift, you may want to pick something that is either practical so that they can benefit from its use or something unique that may have sentimental value. 

By now, you may have an idea of what to get the new graduate as an unforgettable and unique present. Regardless of what you pick, it must be something that makes an impact, holds meaning for the graduate, and will make for a lasting memory of their graduation.