Table tennis is a sport that has grown in popularity.

According to a recent report by allabouttabletennis, the number of table tennis player throughout the world is said to be around 300 million.

Table tennis is more than just spending time with family and friends. Though it is sometimes misunderstood by sports fans worldwide, its ability to keep the body and the mind in a perfect state cannot be overemphasized.

Let’s look at some of the main reasons you should consider taking up table tennis if you have never played it or have yet to join a table tennis club.

1. It improves one’s physical fitness

Table tennis players may not appear to be doing much exercise at first glance, but after a few vigorous games (and the better you get at it), you’ll quickly realize how physically active the sport can be.

Undoubtedly, table tennis can do wonders for your body if you want to burn some calories, enhance your cardiovascular fitness, and increase your metabolism for faster fat burning. After a few games, you’ll be sweating profusely.

2. Table Tennis boosts Your Reflexes

You’ll have no choice but to hone your reflexes while playing because table tennis is such a fast-paced sport. It’ll be game over if you’re too slow to react. But don’t be concerned. 

Even though you initially appear sluggish when playing against an expert opponent, the more you play the game, the faster your reflexes will become.

There aren’t many hobbies that can compare to table tennis to strengthening reflexes and response time.

3. It reduces your stress levels by blowing of some steam

We all need to let off steam and be distracted by life’s issues from time to time. When you play table tennis, you will not only expend some energy but you will also be focused solely on the game.

It’s an excellent method to relieve tension and clear your thoughts while improving your physical condition.

After you’ve finished playing, you’ll feel much calmer and more optimistic about life.

4. It improves your balance and coordination

Anything that helps you improve your coordination and balance, in general, is a positive thing, as this will benefit you in many aspects of your life, not just table tennis.

In table tennis, the ability to quickly shift position, direction, and balance while playing is critical to success.

You build proficient footwork, enhance your eye/hand coordination, and dramatically improve your ability to maintain balance.

It improves bodily balance, especially for the elderly, because it requires side-to-side movement while keeping the balance to compete.

Also, it prevents you from falling because you’re continuously trying to strike a fast-moving ball around the table.

5. It’s suitable for people of all ages

Table tennis is a game that both young and old may enjoy. There are no age restrictions when it comes to this fantastic indoor game. Grandpa is even capable of competing against his grandchildren.

It’s a non-contact sport that doesn’t require you to move vast distances, making it ideal and enjoyable for all ages.

6. It helps stimulate different areas of the brain

The prefrontal cortex is used for strategic planning when a player anticipates an opponent’s shot. 

The hippocampus, the brain area that allows us to form and retain long-term information and experiences, is stimulated by the cardiovascular workout provided by the game’s physical action.

7. Improves mental sharpness

The ball’s speed, spin, and placement are critical in table tennis, and experienced players are adept at constructing and solving problems.

8. You have the freedom to play anywhere

It saves a lot of space. To derive pleasure from playing ping-pong at home, you don’t need a lot of space, and a foldaway table may be stored when not in use.

You should be ready to play at your local club when you need to flex out and go around the court.

In a club, 8 to 16 tables can easily fit in the space utilized by a basketball court. Play some doubles, and you can have up to 64 people having a good time at the same time!

Bottom line

Table tennis has grown in popularity to the point where you’re likely to find at least one table tennis club nearby if you reside in a major city or town. 

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