Wigs are the perfect way to change up your look without the hassle of a long-term commitment. This year is all about bold, versatile wigs that can easily adapt to any occasion. Here are two wig styles you’ll want to pick up before next year:

Blonde wig

A blonde wig is currently trending because of its versatility! You can achieve a variety of looks with this style, from beachy waves in the summer to rugged curls in the winter. It works for every hair type and face shape because it’s baby soft and allows for maximum sculpting and styling flexibility.You could find different textures of the blonde hair wigs in Unice store .

Crop Cuts

The trendiest short haircuts can be easily maintained and styled in different ways. With a cropped cut, you’ll have little to no maintenance, which is great for those who wash and go. It’s also super flattering on older women, as the cut makes your face appear slimmer.

Layered Flicks

This effortless ‘do is a no-brainer for those with curly or wavy hair. Longer layers add volume and texture, while short ones remove the weightiness at the ends of your hair. Plus, it’s pretty low maintenance and easy to grow out.

Brown wig

The brown wig embodies warmth and comfort, making it an ideal choice for cold-weather wear. Available in chic shades like black, charcoal grey, and deep blue, you can get multiple brown human hair wig styles at here .

The Tips:

We recommend you stay away from blunt cuts on fine hair as they create overly dense ends that don’t move well in any style. They also limit styling options. Asking your stylist for lots of layers when you have thick hair will make blow drying easier as there is less weight at the bottom of your strand. If you have medium density curls or waves, ask for an uneven haircut to help create more body and movement in the center of your head rather than all around from end to end.


What is bronde?

Bronde hair is a mixture of brown and blonde shades that gives you a light brunette, or “brown-blonde” look. It also has many different names depending on the exact style being used: highlighted light brown, colored balayage highlights, etc. If you aren’t sure what bronde hair looks like or if it would be right for you, check out these celebrity examples to see how diverse the color can appear on different types of hair and skin tones.

How to get the look

The first step in getting bronde hair (or any new look) is finding a hairstylist that you trust! You need someone who really understands your goals and will work with you to find a style that fits your needs and lifestyle, as well as your personality. Once this has been done it’s time for step two: maintenance! Bronde hair is great because it doesn’t require much upkeep—just regular trimming every few months will keep things looking fresh (and avoid split ends). 

Textured long layers

The next haircut you should get before the end of 2022 is the textured long layers. Lots of volume, a long layered look, and natural-looking yet conventional—what more could you want? We love this one for those with fine hair.

Curls gone wild

If you’ve been holding onto the idea that hair should be smooth, then it’s time to let go. It’s not just a question of whether or not your hair is naturally curly. You can make any hair look voluminous with a few simple tricks and techniques. The most important thing is to get the right cut for your face shape and your hair type—and then to style the curls so you’re maximizing their full potential.

Chunky highlights

We’re coming up on 2022, and it’s important to know what your hair is going to look like.

If you’ve had chunky highlights done, you know how easily they show every crack in your scalp. You can also see how quickly color fades away from a part that tends to get exposed to the sun. What’s more, chunky highlights are often cheap—but with price comes compromise on quality.

Dark brunette

If you’re thinking about going for a deep brown shade instead of black, it’s important to figure out the right hair color before diving in. Experts recommend using a deep mahogany or chestnut base if your skin is on the darker side, and a slightly warmer shade with reddish undertones if you have fair skin. Dark brown is also great for those who want to get rid of those brassy blonde tones that aren’t looking so fresh anymore. And for anyone considering an ombré look in the future, dark brunette is perfect to use as lowlights: just let them grow out naturally and you’ll be able to transition smoothly into lighter colors at the ends as they come back.

If you decide that a dark brunette is right for you, then grab some temporary color (it’s always good to test it out first) and get ready to transform yourself into one of several stunning looks.