Larimar – A Quick Introduction

Popularly known as the ‘Stone of Ocean’, ‘The Dolphin Stone’ and ‘The Atlantis Stone’, the Larimar stone is a treasure of beauty, virtues and powers. Bringing serenity and peace to your mind, instilling clarity of thoughts and healing all sorts of wounds, this gem comes in unique and soothing shades of blue and blue-green. The rarity factor and immense beauty of the gem are two chief reasons behind the growing popularity of Larimar jewelry.

Now, let us discuss the top 6 interesting facts about this blue beauty called Larimar!

6 Interesting Facts About Larimar

  1. Larimar is a super rare gemstone. Now, do you know that it is found only at one place on the Earth? Surprised? Well, this is absolutely true. It is found only in the Dominican Republic of Caribbean. While most of the rare gemstones are found at several places around the globe, Larimar is highly popular and valuable because it comes from a single place on the Earth. It is also worth mentioning that Larimar comes from the family of Pectolite. One can say that the gem is made up of this mineral called Pectolite. Now interestingly, this pectolite mineral is found at many places around the world.
  1. This beautiful gem is mined with the help of hand tools. A lot of effort is put in by the miners who dig deep below the earth to quarry Larimar. The Larimar miners are highly experienced and skilful local people who go through a lot of risks while mining this precious stone.
  1. Out of all the Larimar gemstones that are mined, only ten percent are actually used to create the jewelry. (And still, you get to discover and buy lots of lovely designs and styles in the Larimar wholesale gemstone jewelry range!)
  1. Larimar gemstone is classified in several grades. These grades depend on a few significant factors like the shade of the gem, pattern and brightness. The best grade is the AAA+ in which the gem has mixed shades of blue and beautiful white patterns. There is no presence of any other color or inclusion. The ones with least value have dull color with no tint of blue and have a lot of brown-colored inclusions in them.
  1. Larimar is loved for its soothing ocean blue color, however, it is a volcanic stone! Just as the sight of huge sparkling water bodies give a feeling of peace and relaxation, the Larimar jewelry fills you with peace and serenity.
  1. Larimar is believed to activate the throat, crown, heart and third eye chakra. It is popular as a wonderful healing stone that enhances inner peace and wisdom. Today, numerous people love to opt for Larimar jewelry when it comes to buying unique wholesale gemstone jewelry. This is so because the gem is highly valued for its beauty, rarity and powers. You too can check out the wide range of Larimar wholesale silver handmade jewelry to pick up some beautiful designs in this range.

While we have discussed the top interesting facts about this lovely gemstone called Larimar, it is quintessential to mention that Larimar is available in a limited amount on Earth. Though, we hope and pray that we discover more deposits of this captivating gemstone in future, the truth is that at present we know only about one source of Larimar. Hence, it would be an intelligent decision to grab enchanting Larimar jewelry in the form of pretty pendants, bracelets and more. Now that you know about it, why not check out the wide range of Larimar jewelry and buy a few beautiful options? Go for it!