Avid travelers and homebodies alike have heard of Las Vegas. Bright lights, lavish hotels, and, of course, casinos rush to mind at the mention of the city.

Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world and boasts some of the most prominent hotels on earth. There are about 150,000 hotel rooms from which to choose, each offering a different taste of Vegas.

One of the country’s top tourist attractions, Vegas is home to over 600,000 permanent residents. And more people move to the city every year!

In comparison to the city’s actual population, over 36 million visitors take a trip to Sin City every year. 

What is drawing all of these people to Las Vegas? These six fun facts might prove just how interesting it is to live in Vegas.

1. Most People Don’t go to Vegas Looking to Gamble.

Its reputation as the gambling capital might make this fact surprising, but it is true. Very few people book trips to Las Vegas with the intention of gambling.

There are so many other activities on and off the famous Strip for people to enjoy. There are endless live shows unique to Vegas for crowds to experience. Replicated sights from other countries offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the “world” all in one place.

A majority of visitors do end up gambling at least some of the time during their visit. It is hard to resist the bright colors and strong lights that fill casino floors and poker rooms.

The thrill of winning and the exciting atmosphere of Vegas hotels and casinos make it nearly irresistible to try to win, even for people who weren’t previously interested in gambling. 

2. Astronauts can see some Vegas lights from Space

Vegas is colorful when you experience it up close and personal, but astronauts claim that its shining lights are visible from space.

They also say that it is the brightest city on earth as seen from among the stars. It’s no wonder why this is true: millions of lights adorn the city.

The cost of lightening up the Strip in Vegas is around $5 million per year. Imagine paying that electric bill!

In addition to the buildings and street lights, the Sky Beam that radiates from the Luxor Las Vegas hotel and casino is the strongest in the world. On a clear night, you can see the beam from up to 275 miles above!

Even though you probably won’t get the chance to see the view from space, you can still enjoy all the action and sights from the ground.

3. The city has gained a romantic reputation

Las Vegas might be well-known for its gambling culture, but it is also one of the most popular cities for something that might come as a surprise: marriage!

Many people get married in various chapels located around the city. Each day, approximately 315 weddings take place in Las Vegas.

Some celebrities have chosen to tie the knot in a Las Vegas chapel, Elvis Presley probably being the most famous name in this category. Current big stars have recently opted for small ceremonies in Vegas too, like Joe Jonas!

Las Vegas is considered one of the top wedding destinations in the world because of how many occur each day. A trip to Vegas could also mean taking a gamble on love!

4. The Lottery is not Legal in Nevada

Surprising, right? Despite the amount of gambling that takes place in Sin City, playing the lottery is illegal in the entire state of Nevada.

Most states in the country hold a state-run lottery, but each lottery includes its own set of rules. There are only six states without a legal lottery, and Nevada is one of them.

Nevada residents can buy lottery tickets out of the state entirely legally, but it is not legal to cash out in the state.

Looks like playing the lottery is the only form of gambling you can’t do during a trip to Vegas! Ample compensation for this restriction can be found in the seemingly endless list of casino games one can play in the elaborate Las Vegas casinos.

5. Slots are a Popular Way to Win

By far, the slot machines in Vegas are the most popular method of gambling attracting visitors.

There are about 200,000 slot machines in Las Vegas. That gives players a ton of chances to win and rakes in a ton of revenue for the casinos.

People have loved playing Vegas-style slots for decades, so much so that online versions of the same exist. Lovers of slots gambling can now access the slots on their phones or computers to win real money without even visiting Vegas.

Online slots are becoming increasingly popular around the States, causing a bit of competition for land-based Las Vegas gambling. People enjoy how easy it is to access high payout casinos from the comforts of home.

Online slots might be fun for a while, but nothing can beat the experience of traveling to Las Vegas and enjoying what the city itself offers.

6. Most Casinos on The Strip Allow Chips from Other Vegas Casinos

To make gambling on The Strip easier, most Las Vegas casinos allow players to gamble with their chip winnings from other Vegas casinos. This exchange only happens in Las Vegas because of the proximity of the gambling sites to one another.

With this ability, there is no need to worry if you feel a winning streak coming to an end at one casino. You can easily continue to play at the casino next door with the chips that you’ve collected.

Vegas knows how to keep the fun going all night long! Giving people the chance to win everywhere along The Strip keeps them playing longer and winning bigger.

Vegas is a great spot to vacation for a little (or a lot of) gambling. Even if you don’t enjoy the thrill that casinos offer, you can still enjoy all the sights and sounds the city has to offer.