Traveling to any part of the world is expensive and when it comes to Dubai, which is already famous for luxury, managing your expenses is very difficult. One thing that you need to know about Dubai is that it all depends on you and your lifestyle. You can live your life by spending millions and also by just using hundreds by following the tips mentioned below.

Whether you are a tourist for a few weeks or a resident, these tips will help you in saving money through some hacks that you need to follow.

List of the methods to save money while traveling in Dubai

When you enter a new country the basic three things that every person needs and can not compromise upon includes food, accommodation, and transportation. Once you have these needs, then you can shift on to other things that you want. Here are some tips to show how to save money in Dubai.

Make the right choice while selecting the accommodation. If it is near the metro station, then you will save a lot on your travel. In Dubai, you will always find a new construction and recently opened hotels and places for accommodation, but most of them are very expensive. If you look into some of the old areas, such as Deira, Karama, and Bur Dubai, you will see that these areas are far cheaper to live in.

If you are alone and a bachelor, then the best thing is to rent a bed space instead of an entire studio. You will also find some high-end luxurious hotels and apartments, but they are very expensive, and you should not think about going towards them.


The first thing you need to do is don’t think about traveling by taxi, cab, or any uber, as all of them are very costly. All these rides start from 12 AED and then add in 2 AED per kilometer. These rides will only be beneficial if you are in a group, and the final bill will be split up among all the members.

The best option to travel is via metro and buses. Regardless of how long you travel in public transportation, the maximum you will pay will be AED 15. You can easily check the routes of the Dubai metro map and try to travel before midnight as these buses stop after that. Try to be home by 12 and avoid any kind of inconvenience of spending on a cab.

Among all the tips to save money in UAE, food comes at the top. You need food and can not compromise on it but what you can do is hunt down amazing places and discounts that suit your budget. You will find amazing luxurious dining in Dubai, but it depends on you how to manage your cravings.

The first thing in Dubai is that there are multiple applications that always have amazing offers and discounts. If you daily have to spend on food and eat outside, then you can buy the premium version of the application and save a lot daily. Another thing is that you can get cheap food in small restaurants that you can find near your house.

Entertainment within your budget

In order to save money, it does not mean that you have to limit your entertainment. All it requires for you is to opt for the places where you can find free tickets and easy access. In Dubai, there are a lot of choices and locations for you to have an amazing time. You will come across theme parks, and beaches that do not have any entry fees, and you can enjoy all the time you want for free. You can also visit Desert Safari at discounted rates with applications.

The restaurants you will find at these locations are the most expensive, so you can also take some snacks from home. Do not limit your entertainment but look for discounts and offers. For example, if you want to watch a movie, then weekdays are far cheaper as compared to weekends, and there are always discounts for using debit cards.

Download all the money-saving applications

You will come across a lot of saving applications that are not only restricted towards food but also include offers on shopping, entertainment, and transport. You can download the applications such as The Entertainer, Picodi, Zomato, BOTIJM, Cabone, Smiles, Vouchen, and Voucher Skout. Some of the apps will ask you to pay a limited amount of money so that you can enjoy a lot of offers.

Best places to shop from

You do not have to make huge compromises just to save money. All you need to do is find a cheap alternative and fulfill all your desires. Whether you are a tourist or planning to be in Dubai for a long time, shopping is necessary. The first thing is to make a budget that you need to spend on shopping. Once that is done then look up the brands that have offers and amazing discounts.

Shopping discounts are also available on apps that you will download. If there is no need to buy anything as you already have enough, then try not to spend on unnecessary stuff.

Grocery shopping

How to save money in Dubai when you are planning to cook at home? If you plan to cook at home, then you are already saving a lot. The first thing is that you will not be facing travel costs, and also the extra food delivery charges.

Apart from that, the grocery is far cheaper in comparison to buying two meals a day. If you are cooking, then the best way to save the cost is to buy all the groceries in bulk. The best options include Lulu, Carrefour, and Grand Hyper. You can buy all the groceries for a month in one go which will be affordable.

There are also minimarts in every area. These minimarts are a little expensive in comparison to hypermarkets. If traveling to and fro these marts are difficult and require transport costs, then you can also buy from mini-marts, but the key is to buy in bulk.

Summary of tips to save money in Dubai

Dubai is highly diverse, and you will come across different lifestyles of people. It entirely depends on you how much you are ready to spend. Even the cheapest lifestyle is amazing and will give you the best time. The above guide to saving money in Dubai will come in handy for you whenever you are ready. Saving expenses is all about looking for the best alternatives and utilizing them to the fullest.