Who doesn’t dream of flying high in the sky? The idea of becoming a pilot is an exciting and attractive offer that you cannot deny. However, airline training is no cakewalk. It is more complicated than you might think. There are many things involved – your budget, money, and basic lessons to shape you as the best pilot. 

If you want to become a pilot, the first important thing is to choose a good flight school. When choosing a flying institution, there are many things you need to consider. 

We have listed the best tips to help you choose the best school for flight training. 

Consider the Cost 

Your budget or cost is the first thing you must consider while choosing a flight school. Enrolling in a pilot training program may not be easy on the budget for some people. Always start by looking into the fee that a certain program offers. 

Fortunately, many flight schools and programs now provide budget-friendly programs, and you can choose them to pursue your passion for flying. You can also compare the fee structure of different flying schools and choose the best one. When you compare the price, do not just compare the price itself; see what is included in the price. 

Different schools include different things in the cost they advertise. Things that may or may not be included are navigation fees, VAT, instructor costs, exams, fuel surcharges, and training materials. Thus, it is good to consider and compare everything before you proceed. 

See the Training Environment 

Always choose an established flight school that has been in the training industry for a long time. The flight training school should entertain its own training facility with all the necessary equipment, including classrooms, briefing rooms, and enough personnel to cover all the training requirements. 

We strictly advise you not to choose one-man show schools if you want to learn to fly the plane more seriously or dedicatedly. The flight school should operate from suitable airports. 

See the Aircraft 

Always look for an institution that encourages training from modern-equipped, new, and well-maintained aircraft. As a thumb rule, you may consider a plane to be new if it is not over ten years old. Many flight schools use planes as old as 30 years. Thus, always inquire about the plane, its condition, and its age. 

The flight schools should entertain more than one plane available as it helps to prevent the training gaps during maintenance. Another important thing to consider is the airplane-to-student ratio. The school should use one aircraft per 4-5 students. 

Choose the School with Qualified Instructors 

The flight school you choose should have well-trained instructors with experience. It is okay to have instructors have less experience in the initial part of training. But if you want to polish your training and learn all the key phases of flying a plane, look for experienced ones. 

Some flying schools have current airline pilots or former pilots to train key phases, such as MCC or instrument rating. Choosing them is a good idea. The school should have many instructors to cover the training requirements. 

Check the School Policy 

Last but not least, always check the school policy before enrolling. Some schools demand that you pay for all the training in advance or a few installments. Read thoroughly about each policy that the school entertains to avoid any last-moment hassle, such as a refund in case of a medical emergency. 

Also, check if the school has enough career opportunities. Choose a school that helps you get a job right after you finish airplane training with it. If they can manage to get you a good job, it can be a dream come true. Your friend and family will surely pick a suitable gift for pilot they are proud of, to celebrate and congratulate you on the mayor success you achieved.


We hope that the above-listed key points help you choose the best flying school to pursue your passion for flying and transform it into a sound career. All the best.