Love drinking at home? Or perhaps friends and colleagues come over frequently for a bit of end-of-week de-stressing?

Either way, you’ll have a more enjoyable time when you have your very own home bar.

Even if you don’t drink that often, having a cocktail lounge or bar room makes it easier to entertain your visitors. It also boosts the overall appeal of your house, as even the simplest bar setup can exude a sense of opulence that transforms an entire space.

Ready to mix cocktails in the comfort of your home? 

Follow these five tips to create a home bar that you and your guests will love:

  1. Select the Best Spot

You don’t need much space for a home bar. In fact, it’s usually better to have a compact cocktail area rather than a full-sized English pub.

Whether it’s a tiny closet you no longer use, an empty wall you’ve been trying to decorate, or an unusually shaped nook you’re not sure what to do with, you can transform almost any space into a little home bar.

Of course, there are still a few factors you should consider so you can pick the perfect spot for it. This includes:

  • The seating arrangement
  • The size of furniture and equipment
  • Your home interior design theme

Aside from these, you should also think about the reason why you want to build a home bar. Is it to entertain guests? Or do you want a space to practice your mixology skills?

Besides ensuring you pick the right area, your purpose will also guide your choices in furnishing your home bar.

Generally, you won’t have any trouble mixing drinks if you have a console table and bar cart. If you need to seat a few people, you can simply add a bar stool and be done with it.

However, there may be some instances that call for custom-made furniture in Dubai, like when the spot you choose has an awkward or elongated shape or when you need a dedicated area for preparing light snacks.

The key is to figure out what works best for your needs.

  1. Add a Bit of Sparkle

Did you know that adding reflective and shiny surfaces can make your home bar look more glamorous?

Besides the glossy lacquered cabinets, high-gloss wall paint, and metal furniture hardware, many homeowners and interior designers like to add glass shelves or antique mirror backsplashes to cocktail bars.

These materials are alcohol- and water-resistant and easy to clean because of their glossy,smooth surfaces.

Plus, these elements add sparkle to the space. An antique mirror, in particular, helps create a romantic vibe and looks quite lovely when showered by candlelight.

  1. Show Off Your Collection

A lot of people buy fine wine online in Abu Dhabi not only to enjoy a refreshing glass but also to show it off as part of their liquor collection.

Display your favourite bottles of alcohol in elegant-looking trays and open or metal mesh-front shelves. You can also arrange your champagne flutes, cocktail glasses, ice buckets, and bar implements so that they double as decorative elements for your home bar.

Have a few run-of-the-mill bottles you don’t want to display? 

Keep those hidden in cabinets with solid doors.

  1. Establish the Mood

Ever wondered why commercial establishments have dimly-lit cocktail bars? There’s a perfectly good reason for that.

You see, dim lights help create a soothing atmosphere in a bar, especially when combined with easy-listening music. They also make objects and people look their best.

To create mood lighting, avoid using too much ceiling light. Instead, opt for decorative sconces and pendant lighting for the bar and built-in accent lights for the shelves and upper cabinets.

Interior designers also prefer wall-mounted lights to illuminate pictures and pieces of artwork displayed on the wall as they provide an ambient glow rather than a garish spotlight.

  1. Choose Equipment Purposefully

Every home bar needs a few essential tools, such as:

  • Beer and wine opener
  • Jiggers
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Mixing spoons and cups
  • Muddler
  • Drinking glasses of all shapes and sizes

But aside from these, you should also consider adding certain appliances, like an ice maker.

Although it may not be essential, it can help improve the entire home bar experience. The same goes for a faucet and a sink.

Of course, make sure you consider your drinking habits before deciding to invest in any other appliances.

For example, a wine cooler is a nice-to-have bar element for wine collectors but not necessarily a must for those who prefer mixers, soda, and beer.  A standard refrigerator drawer or under-counter fridge may be a better choice if you belong to the latter category of drinkers.

Let’s Drink to That

Celebrate, de-stress, and bond over drinks in your very own home bar. 

If you want to enjoy mixing your drinks and throwing cocktail parties without leaving the comfort of your home, follow this guide to create a bar that caters to your needs and preferences.