Before plumbing was standard, bedroom furnishing often included vanity tables with chamber pots. This was where residents freshened up for the day. Eventually, the tables evolved into versions of today’s vanities, which include plumbing and storage. Manufacturers now offer vanities in a wide range of styles and sizes, so there is one for every need and taste. Some vanities are a bathroom’s most eye-catching feature, while others are placed discretely in a corner. But they all provide essential benefits that make life easier and influence a bathroom’s appearance.

1. Storage Is Built In 

One of the most convenient features of bathroom vanities is their storage capacity. Depending on size and style, cabinets can include drawers and under-sink storage areas. When shopping for a new vanity, you can choose designs with enough storage for linens and cleaning supplies.  

There are large, double-sink models with expansive counter space. The surface can be used to hold good-looking containers, including soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and decorative baskets or bins for personal items. A vanity’s storage capacity makes it easier to keep bathrooms looking tidy and hide everyday essentials. 

2. Vanities Can Add Style 

Modern vanities are created in shapes, sizes, and styles to fit any decorating taste. Even the simplest are carefully designed and can add a stylish touch to a bathroom. 

Suppliers offer elegant wall-hung vanities that are ideal for smaller bathrooms. While they do not provide the storage of larger models, floating designs are sleek and create the illusion of more space. 

There are also single-and double-sink vanities designed to complement dozens of decors. According to Houzz experts, you can also opt for a sleek, double-sink floating version that includes under-vanity areas ideal for storage.  

3. Home Values Increase 

Installing a well-designed vanity can provide functionality and beauty that increases property values. Appealing bathrooms are one of the elements that often sway house hunters’ decisions.

4. Bathroom Maintenance Is Easier 

Everyone loves a fresh, attractive bathroom, but it takes planning and work to keep bathrooms sanitary and look their best. One way to keep baths low-maintenance is to choose vanities that simplify cleaning. 

An all-in-one, solid countertop can make the chore easier; A built-in sink eliminates seams and other places where mold or dirt may hide. When easy maintenance is crucial, also opt for non-porous surfaces. 

A well-designed counter is ideal for keeping often-used items quickly accessible in attractive containers. Per Beautiful Touches, a vanity’s storage areas eliminate clutter and help you remain organized. Cleaning takes less time and work when you don’t have to spend time de-cluttering.

Vanities simplify bathroom organization, which helps create a more pleasant space. An organized vanity makes grooming easier because you don’t waste time trying to find things or clean up a mess. 

5. You Can Make a Personal Statement

Because manufacturers design a wide range of vanities, it is easy to find one that meshes with your personal needs and tastes. Bathrooms don’t have to be just functional; they can also reflect your unique style.  

Choose a vanity that coordinates with your home’s decor and showcases your personality. You can find models in colors and styles to suit any design concept.  

Bathroom vanities are also easily modified when you want a change. Painting the cabinet and changing the hardware can transform a run-of-the-mill vanity into a personal statement. 

Bathroom vanities are multi-purpose features that add beauty and flair to homes. They can become personal decorating statements, provide storage, and increase home values. A well-designed vanity also simplifies cleaning.