Project management software is incredibly common in a big number of businesses these days. The reason for their popularity is simple; they make work a lot easier. In this piece we will be telling you about various enterprise project management software that will be good for you and your needs. If you are interested in recruiting software for your needs then keep on reading! 

What is Project Management Software

So what exactly makes enterprise project management software so great? Well, perhaps we can help shed some light on this subject. An enterprise project management software can do a variety of things; from helping teams collaborate more efficiently to allowing for everyone to have a better idea about when a project or task is expected to be complete or the job estimates. Overall we believe that a Project Management for Accountants can do it all for your team and business; help you streamline day to day tasks as well as bigger projects.

If you are interested in knowing about which software we recommend then keep on reading and perhaps you will find a software which will suit your needs perfectly! 

Top Project Management Software for 2022


ActiveCollab is the first software we want to tell you about for a myriad of reasons. The software has so many great features which are worthy of note. The task management feature in this software allows for you to divide bigger projects into smaller tasks which makes them much easier to manage overall. These smaller tasks can then be assigned to individual team members by tagging them on the task itself on the software. The software also has a very nice  shared document feature, which is essentially like a whiteboard which all team members can not only view but put their input in. This helps you to make things a lot better for you and your team since everyone can openly collaborate, share notes, ideas, feedback and more in one place! 


Another enterprise project management software gaining popularity is Bitrix24. This software also has a number of features which make it a coveted addition to any company. The software has an instant messaging feature which aids internal communication within a company considerably. This means you and your team are easily able to collaborate with one another and send messages to one another immediately as well. The software also has a great timelines feature that helps make to-do lists for day to day tasks as well as helps with long term planning as well. All in all, this feature really allows for better planning at a company across the board. If you are looking for a software to sort out your short term and long term goals then Bitrix24 software might be the one for you! 


Airtable is another great software that we want to tell you about. This software also has a number of features which make it a great addition to your workplace. The tagging feature in this software helps all team members to tag each other on tasks or comments which then alerts the tagged person about their attention being needed in something. The software also gives you access to a combined workflow feature which gives everyone in the company access to what the project looks like, what the expected timeline for the project is and what you should expect at what phase. This gives everyone an idea about where in the project pipeline their role comes in and they need to be ready to deliver their work! 


Trello is a software that you might have heard a lot about. This software is incredibly popular because it is largely cloud based and hence can be accessed by anyone in any part of the world with just their login credentials. The tray feature in Trello software helps to categorize between different phases in a project. The trays can be customized according to your needs, you can make a tray for pending tasks, reviewed tasks, completed tasks and more. The software is also popular because it provides users with a great free version that they can use. The free version for the software allows you to add up to 15 team members and use the features completely free of cost. This is a great way to check out the software before you decide if the paid version is right for you! 

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is a pivotal software that you need to focus on for how well it helps you plan your projects. The dashboard feature in this software is well liked by a lot of users, with reviews stating that it is a very user friendly dashboard that takes almost no time getting used to! The software also has a whiteboard feature, which essentially acts as a virtual whiteboard that everyone in the team has access to and can write their thoughts, comments, ideas, feedback and more on. This helps achieve a higher level of collaboration between the team which is essential for any team to have if they want to work efficiently together! 

Which Software is Right for you?

Now the best enterprise project management software for your needs depends on what your requirements exactly are. We suggest you write down your requirements to have a better idea of what these needs exactly are and then choose a software which has all or the most number of features you think would satisfy your needs from an enterprise project management software! Also consider checking out software review site like Truely where you can compare software and see what would be best for you!

We are sure whichever software you choose will be the right software for your needs!