It’s well known that renovating a house is not a simple task. Whether you are renovating the entire house or just a few areas, the process still requires intricate planning at each step. Even though renovation is a tedious task, it pays off. Not only do you get the house of your dreams after renovation, but it also increases the market value of your house.

Depending on where you live and the selling price of houses in the market, renovating your house can be very beneficial. For example, if you live in Lake Charles, LA, you must know that the housing market there is somewhat competitive, and the average sale price of a home there has gone up by 5.7% since last year. So if you invest in your house and renovate it, it will be worth it.

But, the renovation process can take a huge toll on you and your family if you don’t prepare well in advance. That’s why we are pointing out four things you should do before starting a renovation.

  1. Declutter The Space:

During the renovation process, there will be a lot of dust, wood shavings, paint spills, sharp objects, nails, heavy machinery, etc., that are very dangerous for all your belongings, like furniture or important documents, etc. So it’s best if you rent a self-storage unit and keep all your belongings and important stuff there and declutter the space entirely that is going to be renovated. You need to research self-storage units in advance to find the best option in your area. For example, if you live in Lake Charles, LA, you may find multiple options for self storage Lake Charles LA has to offer, out of which you need to shortlist those offering the best rates and facilities.

Most self-storage units offer top-notch security and grant you access to your stuff anytime. When the house or the room you are going to renovate is decluttered of all the furniture etc., you will have a clear view of what exactly needs to be done there, and most importantly, the workers will find it quite easy to work in a decluttered, free space. The important thing here is to start looking for self-storage unit options before you start renovating.

  1. Be Realistic:

The best advice regarding home renovations is simply to be realistic. A home renovation is a process that always takes more time than you think it will. Not everything goes according to one’s plans always. That is why it’s important to be realistic about your timeline when planning a home renovation process. If you are planning on vacationing after the renovation gets completed or planning on another major project or adventure right after the renovation, then keep in mind that there is no guarantee you will be free from the renovation process on a specific date; it could get delayed.

Not only can there be delays during the renovation process, but after installing something new, it can take weeks for it to be functional. For example, it might take longer to find a new vanity that you like; it is also possible that there will be a late delivery of a new fixture you ordered. Or you might have to wait for four or even six weeks before you start using your new hall bathroom. All these things can extend the renovation duration, and if you don’t step into the process realizing this important factor first, you will set yourself up for some major stress later, as your planned events will overlap.

  1. Consider the House’s Style:

Before starting the renovation process, look at your house’s design. Though it is obvious that you have always lived in this house and know its design well, one can still get used to things they see daily and forget about their distinct features. That is why, keeping the renovation perspective in mind, take a look at your house and determine the design style in your house. The reason for doing this is that you need to set the tone for the renovation process. You must ensure that for the renovation project, you are not just hopping on some trend that will be in for only a few days. You need to renovate the room or designated area in such a way that it blends in with the rest of your house.

If your house design is traditional, then you must give a classy touch when renovating. If it has a rustic aesthetic, then go for something non-contemporary. Similarly, if your house has a modern feel, you must opt for something unique. If the renovated area differs drastically from the theme of the rest of the house, it will make it a bit awkward instead of standing out.

  1. Update The Security System:

It goes without saying that your home will feel more like a public property during the renovation process. There will be builders, designers, painters, contractors, delivery persons, etc., all coming in and out all the time. And during renovation, not only do you worry about your belongings, but you have the responsibility of taking care of building materials. If anything gets misplaced or stolen, then you are the one who is going to pay extra for that. That is why it is best to update your house’s security system before starting the renovation process. There will be times when you will be at work or even out of town during the renovation process, and in those times, a sound security system will have your back.

Besides security purposes, the security tech system will also show you which workers came on time and left before or near the end of their shift. Add security elements like using a video doorbell to monitor deliveries when you are not home, purchasing an in-home safe for prized possessions or documents, installing smart locks that are easy to program, and even reprogram to allow access to contractors or workers for a designated time.


Even though you are excited and happy to start your dream house renovation process, and rightfully so, there are some things you need to consider seriously before jump-starting the renovation project. A renovation process can be tiring and stressful if you don’t proceed with proper planning. Many things can go wrong during the process, which will not only cost you time and money but energy, too. Most of the time, these problems could be avoided with proper prior planning, and we are here to guide you. In this article, we highlight four things that you must do before you start the renovation process so that your renovation process can go smoothly.